Are Egg Yolks Good or Bad?

GOOD, as long as they're from free range hens! :)

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Egg yolks provide valuable vitamins (A, D, E and K), omega-3 fats and antioxidants, much of which is not found in egg whites

The cholesterol in egg yolks is not associated with high blood cholesterol levels or heart disease

The yolk is arguably the healthiest part of the egg and should be consumed lightly cooked or raw (provided it’s free-range and organic)


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  • we eat more eggs in our house then any other food be honest i didnt know that eggs where that good for you untill i read your post 😊

  • Really??? :) I've always known eggs are healthy and eat tonnes myself, but just shared this for people who are still unaware of eggs being such a nourishing food.....Only if they are from truly free range hens though, who preferably eat a non vegetarian and organic diet. Though I know nowadays it's hard to find eggs from hens who haven't been fed a mainly vegetarian diet. That's why it's so important for hens to be as free range as possible, so they get to eat a natural diet.

  • up till a year ago i used to keep 6 big beautiful hens and i fed them well. in return they gave us 6 big beautiful eggs every day. sadly i had to give them away and now buy eggs from the supermarket 😐

  • Oh, that's a shame March1950. :(

  • One of the issues with salmonella tranferance to eggs is hens being fed waste from the meat industry, which is common practice.

    Free range hens are fed on grains to subsidise whatever they can find on the ground such as invertebrates & plants if they have suitable land to live on that provides some natural grazing.

  • I love eggs and only buy organic, free-range and I'd rather make cut backs financially in other areas than eat any other way.

  • Hi Dottie2011,

    I had 2 boiled eggs as part of my breakfast yesterday, they were delicious! I love poached eggs too - infact eggs in all variety of cooking methods, but poached are probably my favourite. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Love egg yolks. Free range of course and organic too.

  • In my book eggs are a kind of super food. Lots of what you need wrapped up in a convenient compostable wrapping.

  • Thank you for sharing and agree that eggs are very good for you. My local Lidl now stock organic free range ones which I am really pleased about, apart from today of course as they didn't have any eggs :(

  • Organic egg yolks also contain lutein and zeaxanthin which can help to counteract the eye condition known as macular degeneration.

  • Eggs are the Natural Multivitamin... its has all excp Vitamin C

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