My Meals today :-)

My Meals today :-)

Hi everyone,

I hope you're not getting fed-up of my posting - I know I'm posting a lot today! But I wanted to update that I succeeded in my Pledge to have a 'non-meat' day - and I thoroughly enjoyed my meals - here they are.

Breakfast: Porridge with mixed seeds, nuts, and fruit.

Lunch: Homemade Roasted Tomato soup and bread rolls with butter, followed by a quarter of a grapefruit with yoghurt and pumpkin and chia seeds.

Dinner: Homemade Vegetable Casserole, followed by Dark chocolate with hazelnuts and a cup of coffee.

I drink coffee and tea throughout the day, and my total calories for today were 1,815.

Zest :-)


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12 Replies

  • Hey zest, Wow that all looks great, i have casserole tonight to.

    I love seeing yours and everyones pics of what you make.

    I love that you made your tomatoe soup, it looks lovely😁

    Can i ask do you eat healthy for any health problems or just because you like healthy foods.

  • Hi Little_toad,

    Thank you so much, and it's great to hear you enjoyed a Casserole this evening as well. I agree, it is nice to see people's photos of their food - I feel like I'm a bit of a 'food voyeur' these days. I get pleasure from it!

    In answer to your question, I would say that I used to eat 'badly' years ago, i.e. I over-ate sugary and fatty foods - and had a tendency to 'comfort eat' and sometimes binge eat. Consequently, I was 'obese' in the BMI classification - that was when I was in my 40's. However, I have lost approx 5 and a half stones, and have maintained that weight loss for the past 3 years - and hence as part of my 'changes' I try to adhere to eating as 'healthily as I can' - and the HU forums (healthy eating and the NHS weight loss) help me to stick to it - I am also developing a greater interest in cooking and enjoying meals - and love the fact this community is growing and people are posting and discussing their meals.

    I've yo-yo'ed in my weight in the past, and I really want to maintain a 'healthy lifestyle' now - to hopefully stave off any health issues - and reduce my chance of developing any. Fingers crossed.

    I've noticed my skin has improved significantly since eating healthily - and I feel so much better in myself. More energy and feel much fitter. I do a lot more exercise now than I ever did, including running! I would never have run anywhere in the past...

    A bit of a long reply.

    Hope you have a great evening!

    Zest :-)

  • Thats so interesting, that's amazing that you lost all that weight, thats what i love about eating healthy you just notice how good you feel, energy etc.

    I totally get the overeating etc in the past, i was so guilty of that to.

    I had dumplings tonight but only 3, i would of ate all 6 in the past🙈

    I made homemade rye bread which was so lovely with my dinner😁

    Have a great evening to😀

  • Hi Little_toad,

    Wow, great that you made some Homemade Rye bread to accompany your dinner - I bet that was really good. :-)

    Great that you've go the overeating etc under control now as well - it's hopefully a thing of the past for us both. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • well done :) all looks fantastic :)

  • Thanks cracker10 - I appreciate your lovely reply. Hope you're having a great evening! :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Fabulous food, Zest!

    I can look at your veggie meals all day!!! 😁


  • Thanks Mel. :-)

    Zest :-) xx

  • Please keep posting Zest, I really look forward to them. I will be making your Tomato soup when my foots better. Thumbs up for you Veggie day : >

  • Hi Kitten-whiskers,

    Thanks so much, and I appreciate the 'Thumbs up' - and I hope your foot improves soon so you can enjoy making the Tomato soup.

    Zest :-) xx

  • Yummy, your food for the day a couple of days ago looked yummy.

    Alicia xx

  • Hi Alicia,

    Thank you! It was yummy. :-)

    Zest :-) xx

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