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Red Onion Soup & Rye Soda Bread :-)

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Hi everyone,

Today I've had some homemade Red Onion Soup and some homemade Rye Soda Bread with butter. It was tasty and filling.

If you want to try baking the bread, it's very easy, and here is a link:

Rye Soda Bread (a Jamie Olliver recipe):

If you want to try the soup, that's also easy - and here is a link:

Red Onion Soup:

I didn’t include the croutons or the pesto that is included in that recipe, I purely made the basic soup, but that was incredibly tasty.

The entire meal worked out at 660 calories, that included 113 calories for the soup and 445 calories for the bread, and 102 calories for the butter.

What have you had for your lunch today? Please share if you want to, as it's great to swap meal ideas.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Zest :-)

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The onion soup looks great and really quick the cook, I'll probably try it tonight as going to be home late.

Though I've been cooking with red onions (rather than white) almost exclusively the last few years I've never tried an onion soup with them

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ZestStar in reply to benwl

Hi benwl,

Yes, it was so quick - and I made sufficient to last me 3 days! I've had it again today, and it was even more flavoursome - just re-heated. I got a large bag of red onions for an 'offer price' of just 25p - so it was such a bargain to make literally 6 portions of soup from it. The recipe itself is for less than that, but I just trebled the ingredients to account for the amount of onions I had. :-)

Hope you enjoy it when you do yours.

Zest :-)

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benwl in reply to Zest

Hi Zest,

I made it last night, and it was great! Ate it all though :)

Thanks for the inspiration

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ZestStar in reply to benwl

Fantastic, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've frozen the remaining batch, as I fancied something different today - so I'm hoping that it freezes ok....? I will no doubt find out. :-)

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ZestStar in reply to Zest

I've just had the Red onion soup that I made previously, and froze a batch - just wanting to comment that it freezes well - it tasted really good when I had it today. :-)

That looks lovely, Zest! :)

I haven't had onion soup since my last trip to Germany. They serve it with a slice of bread on the top, with a thick layer cheese that's grilled before serving!

In The Basque country, they add a lot of garlic & use up stale bread to thicken the soup. Your soda bread looks far too good to let it go stale!


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ZestStar in reply to BadHare

Hi Mel,

Mmmm, it sounds like a lovely way to serve it - with the bread and grilled cheese on top - and thanks for the comments on my Soda Bread - it was eaten up in just a couple of days between the 2 of us. We do love bread. :-)

Zest :-) xx

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