Hello I’ve suffered with an eating disorder for years,it’s been on and off and I’ve got two beautiful children and it’s seem of got like abit worse I just don’t tell anymore much,my doctor has said that they are strict on helping people now a days because if your been seen once they won’t see you again😔 it really does get me down,I’ve strict myself down to one meal a day,is that bad? I just feel really like big..hate the way I look x


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  • Surely if you've had help with your condition once, it hasn't been effective, & your GP needs to sort out the help you need.

    Are you able to see a different GP in the practice, & ask for a referral? Do you have someone that you can take with you that you trust, as doctors tend to BS less when there's someone to support the patient. Don't let this slide!

  • I have a few people but it’s just me telling them I’m just scared,I already feel like I get judged now x

  • I’m having like one meal a day not even that x

  • Shannon97,

    Please check your private messages (pm). I sent a note right now. It's okay.

  • My brother follows the 5 2 diet approach ie 2 days each week on water. Every day he runs and swims hard, and I mean hard, with his local clubs.

    Providing you educate yourself about nutrition and your body there is nothing wrong about missing meals. The key is education. Top of my list of websites to help self educate is nutritionfacts.org since it is totally grounded in research with nothing to sell. What a website!

  • What even when like forcing yourself not to eat is that ok🙈 and how do I check messages?x

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