Emotional connection with food broken?

Sitting here trying to work out what's different. Then it dawned on me. I think I may have cracked the cravings problem. Usually after a stressful day I would've headed straight to the shops for a supply of cake, biscuits, chocolates etc. I haven't caved in and done that for two weeks but I still had the cravings. Tonight is the first time I haven't even thought about heading to the shops for supplies. Hopefully the emotional connection with food has finally been broken... Here's hoping for a future free of cravings and a brighter, healthier and fitter me 🤓👍🏻


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  • Sounds like you've got it sussed Radford-Utd. It's taken me 4.5 months but better late than never. Have a great week.😊

  • Thank you Kazzi56 . It's challenging but i'm feeling pretty good.

  • Keep up the great willpower and discipline you are showing and so glad you are seeing the benefits.😊

  • So far so good. If I can get through a stressful day without even thinking about stuffing my face with bad foods then I'm onto a winning streak

  • Good luck

  • Thank you

  • Well done. It has taken quite a bit of willpower there but you have cracked it.

  • Thank you, I'm taking one day at a time 🤓

  • If I crave something, I try to think what it is I need from the food I want, then get it from a healthy source. I found my nightly sugar cravings were cured by taking magnesium at bedtime. I eat a diet high in healthy fats, which stops me even thinking about things that are not so bad. For many years, I've opted for quality foods such as a piece or two of good >70% dark chocolate rather than a whole cheap chocolate bar. My diets not perfect, as I do like a raspberry ruffle bar now & again. :)

  • I also try and be as healthy as possible but there are sometimes I fall by the wayside i.e. eat some milk chocolate rather than the dark I have in the cupboard. I love pizzas by it's extremely rare that I eat them as I know they are full of rubbish, unless, of course you make your own using a healthy base. My biggest downfall is using sweetners in my drinks, that's what I need to get rid of. Also, I have tried to eat full fat rather than lower fat i.e. drinking full fat organic milk but I feel sick on full fat food, trouble is I know if I eat full fat food I am far more satisfied.

  • Milk chocolate gives me indigestion, & I love pizza!

    Sweeteners are really harmful to the digestive system, though Chris kresser writes good things about xylitol. There's a free e-book if you sign up to his emails. It's a PDF so I don't think I can post it here for you.

    Is there a reason full fat makes you sick? Might be worth mentioning to your GP in case it's a pancreas issue.

    Apologies to Radford-UTD for sidetracking your post!

  • I'm fine with milk chocolate but if I get indigestion I take some Bicarbonate of Soda in water and that works well for me.

    Agree re sweetners being harmful so they are definitely going to be eradicated from my cupboard and diet. I'll buy some xylitol and use that instead as I will be able to use it for cooking as well i.e. when making a curry I like to put some sweetner in it but not much.

    Not sure why full fat milk makes me feel nauseous but when my mum was alive and I used to go and see her she always used full fat milk in tea and I always had awful indigestion when I got back home. I also get this with full fat cheese. I had never thought of mentioning to my GP so will do - thank you.

    Same here, apologies Radford for jumping on the back of your post.

  • Have you tried coconut milk or solid coconut cream to sweeten curry if you need to?

    Black tea contains a lot of tannin which I find hurts my throat as well.

  • Now you are talking, I haven't used coconut cream for years and absolutely love it - now you are on a winner :)

    I don't drink too much tea and it's decafe as I have a problem with caffeine.

  • I have a sweet tooth, so look for better alternatives.

    Do you like green or white tea? If you rinse the leaves with a little boiling water, most of the caffeine is washed away. I use a flat coffee spoon of leaves in my teapot, & fill it with water twice. The good care chins are more bioavalible if lemon is added. If you try this, go for an organic unwaxed lemon to avoid fungicide & wax.

  • It's strange as my sweet tooth is mainly wanting sweetness in drinks. We have chocolate in the house at all times and I very rarely touch it. I make my own flapjacks and the last batch were made with Maple Syrup but I have some Coconut Syrup, which I bought from Grape Tree Feel Good Foods when I was on holiday recently and 'I Quit Sugar Organic Rice Malt Syrup' which I got in Sainsburys. I am trying all ways to make the flapjacks even healthier.

    I like white tea but I buy tea bags but the decafe ones for me and normal for my husband - oh yes - we eat very differently - lol

  • I like maple syrup & raw honey as they're not processed. I'm not sure which syrups are safe as some are produced in the same way as high fructose corn syrup, so I'd not buy them just in case they are as dangerous. I have baked with honey, but not since reading that heat destroys any healthy properties, & in fact makes it unhealthy. It gets harder, the more I read, & add more things to the unwanted list! I saw a wonderful recipe for nougat last week, but it contained both heated honey & corn syrup, so will never try it. :(

  • That is the big problem with fats as well as they do not tolerate high heat - honestly what do you do!:(

    It is getting so much harder and I'm finding it difficult to know what to eat and am spending more and more time researching on the internet when I should be doing other things :(

  • I use coconut or rice bran oil for frying, though honey & corn syrups are sugars, not fat.

    Researching somethong as important as what keeps us alive isn't a bad way to spend time, if it also results in being more healthy! ;)

  • Ah, I have organic coconut oil in my cupboard, I'll use that. I know that the syrups are sugars, I'm just thinking that the syrups I have are far better than golden syrup. I made some flapjacks earlier in the year when I left my last job and made them with golden syrup to lower the cost as I made quite a few, I tried one and didn't like it, I found it far too sweet ;)

    I have to say since being on this forum and also carrying out research on the internet I am more careful what I put in my mouth. The problem I find it the internet can quite often be conflicting and you can be unsure as to what is healthy for you and what isn't.

  • I agree, there's so much conflicting information it can get quite confusing

  • It certainly can Radford. One website will say use this and the other will disagree and say it's bad for you, so confusing.


  • My game plan so far appears to be working. Banished the comfort foods (chocolate, biscuits, cake etc), drink plenty of water and move more

  • Now that is an excellent game plan. I have just had lunch and was still a little hungry so had a raw date and cashew bar, I love them. I have also been on the exercise bike today which isn't my favourite form of exercise but I can't do my favourite exercise which is power walking as I have damaged my knee, by jogging, and I am waiting for a physio appointment.

  • I hope your knee improves very soon

  • Thank you and I have been for a walk today and completed 17,031 steps, this is the first walk I have done for a few weeks and although I walked at a pace it wasn't power walking. When I got back home I washed the car so haven't sat still.

    It does get harder to lose weight when you get older though, I could lose 5-7 lbs in a week when I was young but am lucky to lose a 1lb now - lol.


  • Hello Radford-utd,

    On the otherhand it may not be that simple. Our bodies are in fact quite smart and try to tell us what is needed. A craving for carbs is just that, the body needs more good carbs during the day to keep glucose levels even. Stress increases the need for carbs and if the body does not get it it swiches to stress metabolism mode with activation of adrenals and production of cortisol, which in turn breaks down your tissues. I made the mistake, like so many others, to see the sweet craving as something bad and abnormal not something the body is telling you about the right way to manage carbs. Cutting carbs in this situation may first feel better but results in the longrun in many metabolic problems.😊Good luck with your diet and hope you'll think again about cutting " the emotional contact to food".

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