Soup for Lunch today :-)

Soup for Lunch today :-)

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed my lunch today - it was a tin of Pea & Mint soup, with some wholemeal bread and peanut butter (2 slices), and the calorie total came to approx 542 calories.

It was tasty soup and I really enjoyed it.

What have you had for your lunch today? Hope you're having a great day and here's to a good weekend ahead.

Zest :-)


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17 Replies

  • Just wondered what you thought of your first Avocado, Royo - you mentioned in your reply in another post that you'd tried your first one this week - and I really wondered whether you enjoyed it? My soup reminded me of Avocados, as the colour is very similar. I didn't want to reply to you in that thread, as it was someone else's post - but thought I'd ask you in here, so hope you don't mind my asking. :-)

  • I thought it had an interesting texture and would eat it again. I read all over the place that it’s so good for us who are trying to lose weight and look after ourselves.

    I had it with salad and beef slices. I was a bit miffed once I put it into MyFitnessPal it is higher in calories than I could’ve imagined 😬

  • Glad you enjoyed it Royo - and I agree that the calorie content is a surprise, but like you say, it is such a nutritious and good food - your combination with salad and beef slices sounds really tasty. :-)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Pea and mint soup is so easy to make and much cheaper. Do you know that most peanut butter is heavy on the sugar and salt . I buy a kind free from every thing apart from the peanuts !


  • Hi Dee,

    Thanks for your reply - you're right - it would be cheaper, and I would love to make some homemade Pea and Mint soup, rather than resort to a tin - but I've been lax on doing my batch cooking of soup, and I didn't have any in my freezer to turn to. I need to devote some time to sorting myself out. :-)

    Can you tell me the brand of peanut butter you have? I'd happily compare the salt and sugar levels with the one that I have - the one I have has got 'per 30g serving' - 0.30g of salt and 2g of sugars. (per 100g, that equates to 1g salt and 6.7g sugars).

    Many thanks,

    Zest :-)

  • I buy Meridian because it has no palm oil. 5.9g of sugar ( from the carbohydrate and 0.0g of salt, per 100. No added sugar or salt. The calories are huge though but I love it


  • Thanks Dee, I'll have a look for that one. Sounds good. I love the taste of peanut butter. Yummy. :-)

    Just realised I have the Meridian version of the Smooth almond butter, and it is really good, so I'll definitely look out for the Peanut butter version. Thank you again. :-)

  • Sounds like you two would be better off on a Keto plan rather than calorie counting. Avocados and peanut butter are allowed. You just cannot spread them on bread! I am finding it great and very satisfying. I am no longer hungry and have had a steady weight loss.

  • Hi LeeRa,

    Thank you for your reply, and comments. It's great to hear that a Keto plan is working for you.

    I am currently maintaining a total weight loss of 5 stone - which I've maintained for the past 3 years, and my BMI is healthy at just over 24 - I'm quite happy with my current way of eating - and I tend to eat all the macronutrients - and I try to ensure my carbs are complex ones.

    I am more than happy with my weight currently - but I still mention calories when I post my meals, as I know that some people like to see that information. I keep a record of my calorie intake for interest more than anything - these days.

    I like to share my meals in the forum, and I love it when other people do - as it's so great to share our ideas for meals.

    I hope that you'll share your meal ideas too, if you want to, - and once again, I wish you continued success with your eating preferences. Really glad it is working for you.

    Zest :-)

  • I am quite happy with my weight now. If it starts to increase, as I have difficulties with osteoarthritis and cannot sometimes exercise much, I just pull back on quantity and get rid of my occasional sweet treats. Moderation is much easier than elimination of food groups.

    So yes I spread peanut butter on my homemade sour dough and love every minute. I also don't eat any meat. I firmly believe that is a big factor in keeping my weight at a good level, despite sometimes not being able to walk much.

    Have a good day


  • Mmmm, peanut butter on homemade sour dough - I love the sound of that. :-)

  • Thanks zest. So do I.

  • Looks lovely Zest. I had wholewheat pasta, chicken breast, mixed salad and feta.

  • Hi Willgetslim,

    Thanks for your reply, and I really love the sound of your lunch - I bet it was delicious! :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks champak045, Yes, I also love Pea and Mint soup - such a delicious combination of flavours. Sadly, I didn't make this myself, it was from a tin on this occasion.

    I also have almond butter sometimes - as I do like that too. Also very tasty! :-)

    You asked for the total and net carbs - I can tell you that the meal had the following macronutrients: Fat: 13g; Fibre 6.6g; Carbs 50.4g; Protein 11.7g - that was from the Fitbit data. I hope that is helpful to you.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi champak045,

    I think the version of Fitbit I have has UK supermarkets mainly inputted into it - but maybe there are other versions - depending on the part of the World you are living in. Another good data website (that is free) is Myfitnesspal - and that might have more USA based foods in the data base - but again, I'm not sure.

    A break-down of the meal is as follows (and I have changed the input to 'pea soup' because the one I had put in didn't give the exact contents you require - so please bear in mind that the totals will be slightly different to the ones I gave you earlier):

    Peanut butter: 1 tablespoon Calories: 94; Fat 8.1g; Fibre 1g; Carbs 3.1g Protein 4g

    Pea soup: 300g Calories: 198; Fat: 3.5g; Fibre: 6g; Carbs 31.8g Protein 10.3g

    Wholemeal bread (2 slices) Calories 256; Fat 5g; Fibre: 5.6g; Carbs 47.3g and Protein: 7.7g

    Total calories of the meal = 548, Total Fat: 16.5g; Total fibre: 12.6g; Total carbs: 82.2g and total protein 22.1g

    I hope this is helpful for you.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi champak045,

    You're right - I didn't think of inputting the details straight from the tin - and I've just checked the tin - and it says: 'Per half can' provides: Energy 96 calories; Fat 4.2g; Saturates: 2.4g; Sugars 3.6g; Salt 1g, and it says per 100g energy = 48 calories.

    I had the whole can of soup, so that would mean doubling those amounts.

    I am sure it would be much healthier if I made the soup myself - and I will try to organise my time better, so that hopefully I will have some batches of soup pre-frozen. :-)

    I am looking forward to the weekend, and hope you are too.

    Zest :-)

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