Marrow & Gherkin

Marrow & Gherkin

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I spotted some 'Hedge Veg' that was 'Free to take away' and I chose these items - a marrow and a gherkin!

I have looked up 'Marrow'

"A marrow is a cucurbit, which means it’s from the same family as the melon, cucumber, squash and courgette. The marrow is actually a courgette that has been left on the plant to grow a little longer; likewise, if you pick a marrow when small it is classed as a courgette. Marrow has a creamy flesh, edible skin and seeds and a mild flavour."

So I'm considering just using the Marrow in a casserole with some turkey and beans and other vegetables - and I'm wondering what to do with the Gherkin.

So any ideas?

I've only ever had a pickled gherkin - so I am not sure what to do with that one - maybe it could be cut up and included in the casserole, or maybe I could try to pickle it?

Anyone used raw gherkin in recipes - and if so - what would you do?

Any help/suggestions gratefully received.

Zest :-)

p.s. Any ideas for using the Marrow in other recipes also appreciated.

Update: I've made a Turkey Casserole with the Marrow and the Gherkin included - so I've updated the photo accordingly. :-)


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12 Replies

  • Gherkins are best pickled. They may taste bitter or lack flavour if not. The gherkins hold their form in a pickle.

    I pickle in salt, spring water, pickling spices and garlic. It took about 5 days to pickle and you have a tasty fermented vegetable to eat.

  • Hi PhilFreeToAsk,

    Thanks for your reply - and I know that I enjoy the taste of pickled gherkins, so it would be worthwhile pickling them - especially as it only takes 5 days - that's good to know, and thanks for explaining how to do it.

    I have chopped the one I had up and included it in with my Turkey Casserole - and it tasted nice, along with the Marrow - but I will plan to get more gherkins to try to pickle them.

    Thank you.

    Zest :-)

  • I am still experimenting in getting it right. I grew Cornichon De Paris cucumbers and they did get large but they pickled beautifully.

    My ingredients for pickled cucumber were:

    • 0.5 litre of spring water

    • 22.5ml Himlayan Pink Salt

    • 1-2 Bay leaf

    • 1 Garlic Clove sliced

    • 4-5ml Pickling Spice

    I was asked to reduce the garlic cloves down to 1. I like garlic but others are not quite so fond of them. I am also happy to increase the pickling spice to make it stronger. I like to feel a strong sensation in my mouth from eating pickles.

    I used a Kilner Jar with a fermentation lock as I have it spare from making sauerkraut. I also top and tail the cucumbers as there are enzymes on the end of them that can soften the pickle.

    If you like extra bite later you may wish to add some more dried chillis.

    I had some pickled cucumbers for lunch in a wholegrain spelt sandwich with soft goats cheese and plum tomatoes.

    When it pickles you should see bubbles. The cucumbers should always be covered in brine (if in brine all is fine). After about 4-5 days if you are happy with the pickle you can put into the fridge. It will still carry on fermenting but at a slower rate.

  • Fantastic, thank you so much. :-) I really must give this a go. I'll look into getting a Kilner jar with a fermentation lock.

    Your lunch with the pickled cucumbers in a wholegrain spelt sandwich with soft goat's cheese and plum tomatoes sounds divine. I bet it was extremely delicious - an excellent combination of flavours. :-)

  • I invested in Kilner Jars with Airlock because I decided to make Sauerkraut regularly after I found that jars of Sauerkraut in shops were pasteurised. The jars were handy to use for pickled cucumbers.

    Buying airlocks and jars maybe rather expensive for cucumber as you are starting out. You can try cheaper equipment such as a crock or glass bowl and put a plate on top to weight down the cucumbers. See internet for examples.

    All equipment should be clean and sterile. I just heat my Kilner Jar in the oven. Don’t pickle in metal as there is fermentation reaction.

    For advice on pickling and fermentation see this website and forum

  • Hi Phil,

    Many thanks for all your help. I will look into this, and I'll let you know how I get on. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Looks nice 😋

  • Thanks Jill, I enjoyed it. :-)

  • Last time I had a marrow, I stuffed it with a "rissoto" like concoction, with quinoa, borlotti, red peppers & mushrooms, & baked it with mozarella.

    No idea what to to with a gherkin! Perhaps that's why the donor left it in the hedge? ;)

  • Hi Mel,

    A stuffed Marrow sounds like a great idea - thanks for sharing that. Your filling sounds absolutely delicious.

    I have had some great information from PhilFreeToAsk on what to do with the Gherkins - so I am going to give pickling them a go at some point - but I agree, finding a solitary Gherkin on the Free Hedge Veg did suggest that maybe they didn't know what to do with it either. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Zest,

    I saw that. I need to add pickling to my fermentingrepertoire. I plan to experiment with my next veg box, if I can save the brassicas. 😀


  • Excellent Mel, - Pickling sounds like a good plan. May your Brassicas be saved for the experience of Pickling ;-)

    Zest :-) xx

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