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Evening meal :-)

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Hi everyone,

Tonight I had 3 Vegetarian sausages (red onion and basil flavoured) with some mashed potato, corn on the cob with butter, and some broccoli. It was very tasty. I worked out that it was approx 685 calories.

Wondering what you've had for your evening meal - as it's good to hear different meal ideas.

Hope you have a great week.

Zest :-)

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Yours looks lovely. Mine was awful, roast chicken with veg but do not know what happened to the gravy. Really looking forward to it as well.

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ZestStar in reply to prawncess

I'm so sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your meal, prawncess - Roast Chicken and veg sounds like a tasty meal to me - really sorry you were disappointed with how it turned out - gravy can be difficult to make sometimes. Don't let it spoil your evening! Hopefully the week ahead will make up for it. :-)

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prawncess in reply to Zest

Good thing was I only ate what I needed, well have to mess it up again as a portion control method lol

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lol :-)

I had a quarter of a chicken and pearl barley salad

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Hi Hidden,

Your meal sounds lovely - hope you're enjoying your evening.

Zest :-)

Hi Zest hope you are well. That looks really delicious. I haven't had any dinner tonight, haven't felt too good. I am hoping i can have something tomorrow though.

Have a lovely week :)

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Hi blackbeauty99,

Sorry to hear you haven't felt too good this evening, and I really hope that you'll feel better tomorrow, after a good night's sleep.

Take care,

Zest :-)

Wishing you 100% blackbeauty99

your meal looks delicious Zest. When im feeling better i wil post my pics of my meals iv been feeling quite sick and in bed a lot. when i do cook i always take pics of the meal as im so pleased that im eating good food and not anymore of those microwave meals which are full of rubbish. i had a dishwasher and gave it away years ago when i finished with my bodyfriend but now im going to have to buy another one as im using so many pots and pans its hard work washing them and fitting them back into the cupboard again then getting them all out maybe even the same day, so im looking forward to getting a dishwasher again, i did have a nice breakfast i had 2 poached eggs and two large sliced mushrooms which i grilled with some tomatoes, and toast. i only managed to eat 1 poached egg. wish i'd taken a pic of that. never mind. your such a trooper zest your always doing things and you look great to nice and health. lots of love grace xoxo

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Hi grace111,

Oh dear, you've not been well either - I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you'll recover very soon, Grace, and please take care in the meantime.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your breakfast today - that does sound really nice. I think poached egg is my favourite way to cook eggs. I bet it would have looked lovely in a photo, but next time!

You are very kind in what you said, thank you - and I think you're a trooper too - and hopefully you'll soon be back to full health again, and enjoying preparing and eating your healthy foods - and I really hope that you are able to get a new dishwasher, so you can relax and not have to wash up all those pots and pans.

I'm going to sleep now, so night night.

Zest :-)

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