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Healthy Eating
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Healthy Eating Pledges (week of 28th August to 3rd September 2017) :-)

Healthy Eating Pledges (week of 28th August to 3rd September 2017) :-)

Hi everyone,

Last week I listed a few personal Healthy eating Pledges I would like to accomplish, and I found it very motivating, especially as quite a few of you joined me, so I'm doing another pledge post for this week.

If you'd like to join me, then feel free to join in and pledge your own personal Pledges.

For this week (28th August to 3rd September 2017) I pledge to:

1. Find a new recipe and post it in the forum.

2. Go to the gym twice.

3. Do some Strength exercises on alternate days - consisting of some press-ups, squats and sit-ups, plus using my resistance bands and kettlebell.

4. Do my Core work-out DVD at least once this week.

5. Choose well when I eat out later this week.

6. Drink sufficient water.

I think my pledges are quite similar to the week before, but 'pledging' them here is helping me to hopefully stick with them. :-)

Wishing everyone a great week, and I hope you'll join me, if you want to Pledge something for this week.

I will do an update post next weekend, and will tag anyone who joins me in this week's Pledges, so that they'll be aware of when I post that.

Zest :-)

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Just putting a link to the 'Update post' from last week - for my reference:


It might help if you want to look at your pledges for the previous week and whether you want to alter or amend them for this week.

Next weekend, I will only tag people who have joined in with this week's pledges, as I don't want to bother people unnecessarily - and I hope you're all enjoying the Bank holiday today. :-)

It's a lovely sunny day here - and I am off out and about for the afternoon to make the most of it. 8-)

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Enjoy your day, Zest! :-)

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Thanks Activity2004 - hope you're having a lovely day as well. :-)

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I'm off all week for my building to be cleaned, Zest. I might do some reading and a few other things that haven't been done in a while.

Thanks for the reply!

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Excellent, I hope you read some really good books - it's nice to be able to devote time to it when you can. :-)

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Will try!

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Hi crazyfitness,

I am just copying and pasting your pledges for this week into this thread, so I can ensure I tag you and keep them together in the right week. Hope that's ok.

Your pledges are:

"My pledges for this week are:

1. To do more stomach exercises.

2. Carry on eating healthily

3. To carry on drinking water (I don't do too bad in that area but could do better)

4. To not look on Facebook and compare my life to others and think they are better off than me i.e. a friend of mine has just moved to Spain but there is nothing to say that she will have a better life out there. This pledge is for the mind which in turn keeps the body healthy i.e. healthy mind equals healthy body."

Excellent pledges, and wishing you success with them. :-)

Zest :-)


Hi Elizahanna,

I hope you don't mind, but I'm copying and pasting the Pledges you mentioned from the last update post to this new one, as you were referring to doing those Pledges this week, and I want to make sure I tag you on the weekend:

So you pledged as follows:

"Next week I pledge to continue with good wholesome eating habits, fill in my diet sheet and join a weekly weigh in. I will have guests for a couple of days then I'll be away from home so things could be more difficult.

I would like to try and make kombucha, maybe when life has settled down again."

Wishing you an excellent week.

Zest :-)


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