Update Post: (How did you get on with your Healthy Eating Pledges for 21st to 27th August 2017)? :-)

Update Post: (How did you get on with your Healthy Eating Pledges for 21st to 27th August 2017)?  :-)

Hi everyone,

Last week a few of us made some pledges - so I'm tagging the people, who include: feelgood41, Elizahanna , Caroline62 (I know you're not back from holiday till 28th), crazyfitness and Ruth_canal_runner.

To remind you all of your pledges, please refer to the post:


I shall be popping back either this evening or over the weekend to update on how my pledges went, and I invite you to do the same - just reply to this post and let me know how you got on (if you want to - no obligation, but I have tagged you, so you can find this update thread easily). :-)

I am going to put a photo to accompany this post, which shows the foods I ate on the day of my lunch (bottom left photo) and evening meal out (top two food photos) - yes, BOTH happened on the SAME DAY... plus a few photos I took from the walk I had just prior to my evening meal. Lovely scenery.

I will write an explanation of why I ended up with the meal choices, and what I thought about them. Suffice to say, it didn't go 'as planned' despite some pre-planning on my part!!! But it could have been worse... I feel ok with how it went. :-)

Hope you have a great weekend.

Zest :-)


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28 Replies

  • Hi again,

    I am updating now on my pledges:

    1. Find and cook a new recipe - and share it in the forum – I have NOT done this yet, so I must ensure I do so over the weekend, and I am looking forward to it. I'll put a link here, when I've posted the recipe I plan to do, and hope to put a photo when it's done.

    Updated on 27.08.17: I have just tried this recipe for Healthy Gut Nut Bread:


    2. Make a batch of healthy soup to freeze – NOT done this yet either. I think I may postpone this pledge to another time. Haven't felt like preparing homemade soup...

    3. Do some focused Strength exercises (Resistance bands, Kettlebells, body weight exercises like squats and press-ups), to complement my cardio exercise (walking and gym activities) that I currently do – YES – some success here – did an exercise DVD on core body strength, but HAVEN'T done the body weight exercises.

    4. Go to the gym twice this week – only managed to go once, but had a very good work-out.

    5. Meals out: This week I had a lunch out and also an evening meal out (both on the same day...), and I hoped to choose healthily on both occasions – I was successful in choosing a healthy option for lunch (see bottom left food photo in above post), and it's a Taboulleh salad with goat's cheese (554 calories). Felt good about that choice, and enjoyed it a lot! I had a cup of coffee with it.

    Evening meal - I did have a snack of berries, yoghurt and nuts (see bottom right food photo) (180 calories) at about 5pm to ensure I wasn't too 'hungry' and I also looked online for the menu - and pre-selected my meals - I also went for a 40 minute walk prior to going to the restaurant. BUT - when I saw the menu, it wasn't the same as the one that had been online - completely different, so I had to choose quickly - my friend wanted me to share garlic bread and cheese with her, but I declined, and chose the soup - they told me it was tomato soup, but when they brought it to my table, it was actually Carrot and Coriander soup (I didn't say anything as I like that variety more!). The main was Chicken Korma with rice and naan bread. I also had a small glass of red wine. I worked out the starter, main and wine totalled 1071 calories.

    Hence, my conclusion is - I would have been ok if the menu had been as I'd expected, and having an unexpected menu threw me off guard, and I could have chosen better, but I enjoyed the meal. I'm glad I declined my friend's suggestion to share the cheesy garlic bread - it was enormous!

    A long update, sorry to be so wordy.

    Hope you've all had a great week. I'll be doing a new Pledge post on Sunday - for next week, so I'll be deciding on my pledges for next week then.

    Looking forward to reading how you've got on - if you want to share.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Zest

    I was so pleased to join the challenge but moving house does not seem the best time! However during the week I managed the video"Move it or lose it"and the extra activity made up and over the past month through decluttering etc and the heat and clearing out cupboards I have lost.

    From 4Jul (143.8) - 4 Aug 142.0 - 1.8lbs lost.

    From 4 Aug ( 142.0)- 26thAug 140.2 - .1.8lbs lost

    I am at my goal now but will see what happens by Sept. 4th (9 days time)but thank you Zest for the reminder.

  • Hi feelgood41,

    I think it's great that you managed to succeed with your Pledges during what must have been such a busy and demanding week, with the stresses involved in moving house at the same time! Well done for all that you've achieved! You managed to do your video, and with all your house-moving activity on top, you've lost weight and achieved your goal - FANTASTIC!!! :-) Many Congratulations!!! :-)

    Hope you settle in to your new home, and wishing you an excellent week ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Can you send me the Maintaining thread please Zest?

  • Yes of course, I will pop back with the link in a moment, feelgood41 :-)

  • Hi again,

    Here is the August Maintainer Thread, but bear in mind the September one will be posted soon - next weekend I think. :-)


    Zest :-)

  • Hello Zest - it sounds like your pledges enabled you to aim for a lot of good healthy choices this week, even if not everything went exactly to plan. I joined your pledge post late this week, so I made three small pledges which I thought would be easy to stick to, but it has still been a less than perfect week:

    Do something interesting with broccoli: yes I managed this and posted my recipe on here yesterday :) healthunlocked.com/healthye...

    Have a 'low alcohol' week - I think I did manage this to a certain extent although I had wine on two days. My kombucha and other alcohol alternatives experiments continue to go well, so this is all a work in progress :)

    Run at least once: this hasn't happened... yet. My schedule this week meant my usual running times got taken up with meetings etc instead, or I was just too tired by the end of the day.

    So... I would like to close the week with a dry weekend, a sunday run, and a better, more realistic plan for the week ahead :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Great to see you, and thanks for updating on your pledges - You definitely did something really great with the Broccoli, and I feel sure it will inspire people to try out that recipe - it looked so delicious and tasty.

    Well done on your 'low alcohol' week - and it's been great to read about your Kombucha making - and to see it too in the photo.

    I'd like to wish you a lovely Sunday run, and I'll be posting again on Sunday with a new Pledge post for next week.

    I'm going out for a long walk this morning - looking forward to it already.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Zest :-) xx

  • Hi Zest, it's harder than I had hoped to stick to pledges! Eating out especially tricky when it's unexpected. However I did eat mindfully thinking about what was going into my mouth, though I failed to fill in the sheet for week 1 of the NHS plan or to count cals. I mainly ate wholesome food though I have succumbed to two finger kit Kats that are not the healthiest snack! However I walked a hilly 12 mile circuit so maybe deserved it!

    Next week I pledge to continue with good wholesome eating habits, fill in my diet sheet and join a weekly weigh in. I will have guests for a couple of days then I'll be away from home so things could be more difficult.

    I would like to try and make kombucha, maybe when life has settled down again. Time to water my baby kale and spinach, and see if I have more courgettes on my allotment. 🙂

  • Hi Elizahanna,

    Lovely to hear from you, and I agree with you that sticking with pledges can be challenging - but well done for eating mindfully and choosing wholesome food, plus that hilly 12 mile circuit - that is brilliant! Really well done. I think you've done really well. :-)

    I hope you'll enjoy having your guests over for a couple of days, and that you're able to stick with your pledges for next week - I'm still deciding on what my pledges will be, and I'll post a new Pledge post on Sunday with the dates.

    I hope you have more courgettes on your allotment - and wow, baby kale and spinach as well - really great!

    Good luck with making some Kombucha, hopefully you can compare notes with Ruth_canal_runner when you do that, as she's in the process of that now. I've never tried it yet, maybe one day...

    Have a lovely weekend and a great week ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest, for your supportive reply, and I hope you have an enjoyable weekend too.

  • Thanks :-)

  • Hi Zest, thanks for the update and well done to you. I would love to join a gym but unfortunately there isn't one near me that it isn't too costly. The main ones that are cheaper are in my town centre so I would have to pay parking and it would work out far too much.

    I did go power walking/jogging last week but have had to give up both and just walk normally as I have damaged my knee hence I will never jog again and that is by choice as I much prefer walking or cycling. I have been out on a walk today which is about 7 1/2 miles wearing a knee brace but I am getting a lot of pain but I will keep going as it will get better.

    On saying the above though, my diet is definitely improving as I rarely eat chocolate now (I have treated myself to some dark chocolate but you can't eat much of that) and I am not picking anything like I was - if I do pick it's normally grapes.

    Have a good week.

    Alicia :)


  • Hi Alicia,

    Great to see you, and really good to hear you have been enjoying some walking today and 7 and a half miles is a long way - so well done! :-) Really sorry to hear you've got some pain though - do be careful - I know you're pacing yourself, which is good.

    Great also to hear your diet is improving - I also like to have some dark chocolate - I usually eat some daily - I like the one with nuts in it. :-)

    I'll be doing a new Pledge post later this evening - as I'm thinking about what pledges I want to do next week - not quite decided yet...

    I'm cooking my dinner just now - it's a Chicken curry with spinach and will be on a bed of basmati rice - I can smell the aromas, and it smells good!

    Hope you have a lovely evening and that you enjoy your evening meal.

    Zest :-)

  • It was a lovely walk around the coast but believe it or not 7 1/2 miles isn't really that far for me as I love long distance walking but my husband isn't such a fan so what we generally do is walk 10 miles. I am definitely pacing myself and whilst sat at the PC I have no pain but it will hurt when I move. The doctor told me to take Ibrupofen but I am finding that it making me feel 'yukky' so I've not taken any today. I have some Magnesium Oil which I bought last week and I will be rubbing that on to the joint.

    Yes my diet is much better and hopefully I will start to lose some weight.

    I look forward to seeing your new pledge.

    Your dinner sounds absolutely yummy, I think we would get along so well as we see to have a similar taste in food.

    Enjoy your evening.

    Alicia :)

  • Hi Alicia,

    I've just done the new Pledge post, and a link is here:


    I agree, we do seem to have similar taste in food - I think we would get along very well. :-)

    I hope the Magnesium oil is helpful, and that you don't experience much pain this week.

    I'm popping out for a walk in a bit - as it's still light and sunny out there!

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest and what very good pledges and I look forward to seeing a new recipe.

    My pledges for this week are:

    1. To do more stomach exercises.

    2. Carry on eating healthily

    3. To carry on drinking water (I don't do too bad in that area but could do better)

    4. To not look on Facebook and compare my life to others and think they are better off than me i.e. a friend of mine has just moved to Spain but there is nothing to say that she will have a better life out there. This pledge is for the mind which in turn keeps the body healthy i.e. healthy mind equals healthy body.

    Been out on a 7 mile walk today in the heat on the moors and my knee did better than I thought it would. I rubbed some Magnesium Oil on it last night after a shower and this morning and I'm sure that's what has made the difference.

    Hope you had a lovely walk last night.

    All the best

    Alicia :)

  • Glad you enjoyed a nice walk today, Alicia, I've done the same - not as long as yours, but it was good. It's very hot weather here today 8-) My walk last night was lovely too. :-)

    Have a great day and a really good week.

    Zest :-)

  • It was a very good day for a walk that's for sure. The weather is due to turn tomorrow so I will probably be looking at doing some cooking during this week i.e. making myself a homemade curry etc. :)

    Have a good one.

    Alicia :)

  • Homemade curry - that sounds good! :-)

  • I love curry and always make my own as I know exactly what's gone into it i.e. no rubbish :)

  • I'd love to see your recipe sometime - I tend to use a jar as part of mine - and feel sure I could make a better one, but want it to be relatively easy to make still. :-)

  • Ah, now that's the problem, I kind of like chuck a bit of this and that in there and taste along the way and no, I am no Masterchef lol! I do use Passatta in mine and I find that makes it taste really lovely and sometimes if it's too spicy then I will add some sugar but I add fruit sugar. :)

  • You sound like a 'natural chef' to me. :-)

  • Ha ha, that's one thing I'm not :). Both my hubby and myself eat very differently a lot of the time so I am normally thinking well let's just chuck a piece of salmon in the oven and sprinkle over some spices and, sorry to say it, tomato sauce (I don't like to open passatta and end up wasting most of it just because I've used a small amount on the salmon).

  • ok, how about 'convenient chef' ;-)

  • Ah yes, think we'll stick with that ha ha :)

  • :-)

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