Healthy Eating Pledges - an Update Post

Healthy Eating Pledges - an Update Post

Hi everyone,

Last weekend I wrote the following post, and agreed on some Pledges, and a few of you have joined me - so I'm going to tag you - Caroline62, grace111, teafan, Vie59, and crazyfitness - and if anyone else wants to join in, feel free! (Caroline - I know you're on holiday so I hope you're having a wonderful time.)

Here is last week's post if you want to double check your pledges:

Updating you on my own, I can confirm that:

1. I think I managed to choose a healthy meal when eating out - and I've posted the photo of my meal with this post: A starter of smoked salmon and prawns, and then the main was a delicious Mackerel with some cous cous, tomatoes and really tasty pesto drizzle - I had a small glass of red wine with the meal and afterwards I had a coffee with a small macaroon biscuit. I was pleased with my choice, and really enjoyed the meal.

2. I've not managed to find another Vegetarian recipe to cook yet, but I will look over the weekend, and hopefully do a post about it when I've managed to find one I like.

3. I have managed to do Regular exercise (been to the gym twice and done some cross-training type of activities - lots of cardio, and I've been walking daily, and also did some Strength exercise via a DVD). However, I feel I can do more Strength training, so I will be focusing on doing that this week - probably by using my Kettlebell and my resistance bands.

4. Drinking sufficient water - I don't think I managed to do this consistently - so I can do better this week.

Please update in this thread, if you want to - I'm going to post a new thread on Sunday with my own personal pledges for next week - so again, feel free to join me, if you want to.

Wishing everyone an excellent weekend.

Zest :-)


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19 Replies

  • That looks really delicious, you have done really well Zest :)

  • Thanks blackbeauty99,

    I really appreciate your lovely reply - and I hope you are enjoying the weekend so far.

    Zest :-) xx

  • Thankyou Zest. Have a nice weekend :)

  • :-)

  • Zest, I notice you've pledged quite widely to start eating well and clean, and I commend you, and your meal looks delicious.

    Can I ask though, do you wonder how the restaurants prepare and cook your meals when eating out? It is not enough to simply order healthier items when eating out. You really need to make sure it's prepared and cooked in a similarly healthy way. The biggest issues with this at restaurants is they usually use very cheap, very harmful vegetable oils (canola, sunflower oil, fake butter, soybean oil etc). Vegetable oils are pure trash and wreak dangerous havoc on your insides and should be avoided at all costs. Sadly most restaurants and food manufacturers use them because they're so cheap. This is my biggest problem with eating out. The only time I can comfortably eat out is if I know the restaurant will cater for me if I ask for my meal to be cooked without oil or using olive oil/butter instead. Most independent restaurants are usually happy to meet your request, depending on their size and level of service. I always make a point of this when ordering out.

    The other issue is excessive use of salt (ulyou guessed it again, the chewp, heavily refined detrimental kind) in restaurants but this is something I'm willing to be much more lenient on.

  • Hi DMP1391,

    I just do my best to make the healthiest choice I can from the menu - I don't specifically ask the restaurants about the oils they use, or their ways of cooking - I do look at the items on the menus in terms of describing the way they are cooked - e.g. steamed, baked etc and I rarely order anything deep fried.

    Regarding salt, I rarely add it to either cooking or on the plate afterwards, and consequently I think I am quite sensitive to the flavour of salt, and I haven't noticed any excessive salt use in the meals I've had recently - so I am presuming they're not over-salting - but of course I don't know what kind of salt they're using.

    Your reply is certainly 'food for thought' and I will digest what you've said, and consider it for future meals out.

    Thank you for your reply, and I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Nice post

    Also nice dishes posted Zest

    I will also keep posting some of the meals i take at home

  • Thanks Shashikantiyengar - I will look forward to seeing the posts of your meals - I really enjoy seeing people's food, and I think it is great for sharing ideas.

    Zest :-)

  • Well done Zest and the food looks delicious.

    I have been better this week and haven't been picking at food in between meals, this was my challenge, and I will continue. I do need to up the exercise more but really need to find something indoors that I enjoy as the weather hasn't been the best. I will walk for miles and miles and miles, the further the better but when it comes to exercising indoors then I lose interest.

    Also, I read DMP1391's reply and have to say oil is the one thing I have been looking at more lately so I have now started to buy 'cold pressed' oil, although more expensive it's supposed to be healthier.

    Have a good week.

    Alicia :)

  • Hi Alicia,

    Thank you for your lovely reply, and for updating me on your Pledges for this week - it is great to hear you've been better, and you've succeeded in your pledge not to pick at food inbetween meals - really excellent! Well done. :-)

    I remember you posted for Exercise ideas earlier in the week, and I hope that you find something that will interest you - and that you can keep going with. Occasionally I set myself the task of having a mini 'Circuits at home' - where I do exercises in different parts of the house - like Resistance bands in one place, and Kettlebell in another, and do squats and different exercises in different places and in different orders - nothing too long, just a 'short circuit' - and I have to say it doesn't happen all that regularly - but I will be focusing more on that this week - and later this evening I'll put up a 'fresh Pledge post' - so I hope you'll maybe join me for that as well, if you want to.

    I'm just off out for a quick walk just now, but I'll be back later to do the post.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Zest

    It's good to keep each other going as sometimes it can be difficult to get the motivation, especially if the weather isn't good and the weather of late has been awful but this afternoon it's turned out lovely and sunny. I went on a power walk this morning before breakfast and will be doing that as many mornings as possible i.e. I won't be able to do this tomorrow as I am babysitting my youngest granddaughter.

    I have found something else that I don't think agrees with me and that is caffeine (I forgot to order caffeine free when out at lunchtime with a friend). The restaurant we went to were very good as they were happy to use the Lactose free milk that I took with me to make the coffee with and also the lunch that I ordered.

    Hope you enjoyed your walk and also what a good way to exercise.

    Have a good evening.

    Alicia :)

  • Hi Alicia,

    I'm really glad that you had some sunshine this afternoon, and could enjoy your power walk before breakfast this morning - that's great. I know you're babysitting your youngest grand-daughter tomorrow, so I hope you enjoy spending time with her.

    Great that the restaurant you were at were accommodating - that is good to hear.

    Yes, I had a great walk thanks, and agree it is good exercise. :-)

    Yes, here's to a good evening.

    Zest :-)

  • Avoid any vegetable oils, for cooking only use olive oil (preferably extra virgin cold pressed), coconut oil, or avocado oil. Avocado oil is best because it has the highest smoke point. The others work great used raw or cooked at low heat.

    Sadly you won't find many restaurants using anything besides cheap, hydrogenated vegetable oils. The word is coming out quite quickly on these, they're far beyond safe and there is even talk of them being banned. It can very easily turn a seemingly healthy meal into a very unhealthy one.

  • Hi DMP1391,

    Thanks for your reply - I use extra virgin cold pressed oil for all my cooking at home - I use groundnut oil if I'm frying eggs though - do you think that's an ok oil to use for that purpose?

    I have thought about what you said about checking with restaurants about the oils they're using, and I will maybe pluck up courage to ask them next time.

    I'll tag crazyfitness - as I know she'd be interested in your reply - as she's thinking about oils to use.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest for tagging me in and yes I am very interested. It's so difficult to know what to eat and buy manufacturers do not care what they put in our food, only to make lots of money and the Government don't seem to care either!!

    Alicia :)

  • Don't get me started on the government. They try to downplay beneficial and clean fats like coconut oil, olive oil or even butter and suggest you buy their cheap,.toxic vegetable oils instead. Why? $$$! Money. Vegetable oils like canola are usually locally produced so buying them increases the government's revenue. There are no coconuts being grown in the US, so most coconut oil is produced overseas and imported. This makes the government and their allies sad. Here's.a funny video explaining it:

    I've never heard of groundnut oil, what's it made of?

    When cooking your foods try to be careful about adding any sort of oil or fat. A little bit is good for you, a little bit more is OK, but it can easily turn into too much. Remember that oil is still a highly processed and concentrated food. Use it delicately. A few teaspoons per meal is OK. Deep frying or soaking your food with them is definitely not.

    Try to use coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or simply butter, tallow, or lard for all your cooking. These are the cleanest, least processed and most stable fats avaliable. Canola oil and.other vegetable oils are washed with bleach, chemically processed, scented and flavoured, high in Omega 6, and oxidize and become toxic when heated too much. Stay away from.l them as much as possible.

  • Thank you DMP and I have watched the cynical video with interest. At the moment I have cold pressed Rapeseed Oil and Cold Pressed Olive Oil as I have read that cold pressed is better but not sure after watching the video.

    Do you know which is the best fat/oil for roasting/frying? Reason for asking is that I rarely use oil for salads etc as I don't eat salads much as I have IBS and I get a lot of pain in my tummy with raw foods.

    Once again, thank you for your reply, it is very interesting.

  • What exactly are you roasting?

    I use coconut oil on low-medium heat for all my cooking. It is quite stable at high temperature and has a yummy taste on everything, especially meats. It's also amazing how easy it is to clean from the pan afterwards. No thick layers of fat clogged up like with other oils. It comes straight off. I imagine it is just as easy for your body to break it down too. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride so it is used much quicker and more efficiently by your body as well. This is mainly why I use it. I find it helps a lot with my digestion.

    Apparently avocado oil has the highest smoke point, so it can withstand the most temperature from cooking. This makes it ideal for most methods.

    Olive oil is average for frying. It tends to smoke up a lot quicker and leave behind a very strong bitter taste. I only use it raw or add it to my dishes when the heat has been turned off.

  • Roast potatoes and I also do chips in the oven.

    Thank you for this and I will buy some coconut oil; I do find it a minefield out there when they say you can you use this/can't use that etc etc. I didn't think about Avocado Oil either so I will also have a look at that.

    I will keep my Cold Pressed Olive Oil for drizzling.

    Once again, thank you.

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