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Healthy eating and exercise

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Hi all, I'm working on the healthier eating side of things but am struggling with my midriff/tummy, can anyone recommend a good stomach exercise that works.

Thank you all

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Hi Alicia,

Have you seen the NHS Fitness Studio videos? There is a generic link here, if you want to take a look:

Also, there's an 'Abs Workout' one here:

Hope you find something that you enjoy.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest and no I haven't seen them, will have a look.



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Planks are really good for toning the stomach. Also if you are on Pinterest you can find lots of different workout ideas on there x

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Thank you Shanks. I did do some planks yesterday, 30 in total (10 at a time), hopefully I will be able to see a difference in a few weeks' time.

:) x

Wow Emilee, well done for being so positive following such an awful time for you, it's great to see someone that has been seriously ill just get up and get on with it, what a fantastic attitude.

Thank you for sending me your website and I will also look you up on Facebook.

Here's to a great future.

Alicia x

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Planks and side planks (and star planks if you are really feeling hardcore), hanging leg raises, lying leg raises, reverse crunches, flutter kicks, russian twist, seated knee tucks, situps, v ups.

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Oh my goodness, I've never heard of most of these so will look them up on the internet. Sounds like you are in to some serious fitness.

Thank you


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Hi I am vegan also and have decided that although I am slim I need to tone up. I have been doing a full body weights work out on you tube. I hate exercise (except walking) but I love this. You have to build up to the full workout but it's great. One thing they do is ask you to lie on your tummy and lift your legs slightly and arms. You can feel it working on your abs, give it a try and look on you tube at the videos. Search strength and cardio workout. Build up to it though as I could barely move for two days when I did the full body weight workout. Good luck!

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Thank you Agoodenough, I will have a look at the full body weights work out on you tube. I don't really hate exercise as such but do not like thinking when I wake up that I had better do a workout. I, like you, like walking, in fact I absolutely love walking and do not think that as an exercise at all, I think it's because I love the outdoors and find that exercising indoors boring and don't really want to do it. I will build up like you say.

Thank you


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Good luck,. The ones I do on you tube which I love are called BodyFit by Amy.

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Thank you for saying which ones you use.

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Good if you could reduce your tummy with exercise. Too difficult. Get grainfree esp wheatfree and along with exercise you would be able to do it quickly. Also hypocarb hypocalorie diet and > 60%calorie requirement from good fats / oils.

Good luck.

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Thank you suramo. I am looking very closely at my diet and will be eliminating wheat and other foods as I will be following the FODMAP diet for IBS. I also don't seem to have a lot of energy at times and know that this is going to help. I just need to look at menus, particularly lunch i.e. I rely on sandwiches, and once I have sorted that out I will slowly but surely follow the diet.

Once again, thank you

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Weighted, decline, (twisting) bent-knee leg raises, with a weight that allows 6-8 strict reps followed by a 3 second rest, then one final rep. You can add a little weight most workouts, but don't go too heavy and develop abdominal muscles that look too large.

To show your abs you still need to lose body fat from around the waist; avoid alcohol or fructose to reduce visceral fat emanating from the liver, and avoid foods that stimulate high levels of insulin such as Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, cornflakes and most other cereals, most breads, potatoes, rice, cous cous and most other grains, parsnips, pumpkins, melons, broad beans, baked beans, any reduced-fat dairy such as (semi-) skimmed milk and derivatives, flour and sugar.

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Thank you for your response.

I have started working on my tummy but realise that my diet needs to change as well, I had no problem with my weight when I could eat all the fruit and veg I wanted to but I've had to cut out raw carrots (this is so sad as I love them), raw and cooked onions, sweetcorn and I can eat very little broccoli. I have read through what you have said about food and admit that I do eat some cereal i.e. Shredded Wheat (I mainly eat porridge as that is my favourite); I eat bread (this is my big downfall), parsnips occasionally but not that often; melon and baked beans. I have just started buying full fat Lactose free milk (I'm almost sure that Lactose is a trigger for my IBS).

Thank you for your advice.

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