Gut health

Gut health

So I have been reading the book by Dr Michael Mosley, The Clever Gut Diet (there is also a documentary on BBC iPlayer by him which is the book summed up just in case anyone wants to watch) and one of the things in the book is about fermented veg, and introducing good bacteria in to the body, well I looked in to this further and was meaning to give it a go but always found an excuse not to, also there were things I wasn't sure of, so today I did a gut health fermented food workshop which was a hands on way to show you how to make fermented veg (and fruit). I roped my partner in to come with me and we made a mix of bits of cabbage, red onion, green pepper, cauliflower, leak, carrot and garlic and grated most of it (my partner thought grating red onion was a good idea so we also got to have a good cry) and mix this with a 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt and squeezed until there was lots of juice. As you can see from the picture we have packed it in a small jar and it's submerged in its own juice to ferment. Now it's a case of waiting and in a weeks time we can try it or wait the recommended 6 weeks ( it's possible to start eating it after few days and still get the benefits of the good bacteria) so it's a waiting game to see how it turns out 😋

We were told we can ferment anything, left over pulp from juicing, salads, nuts and seeds, so I will be doing some experiments with ingredients latter on, although I did have the thought after we had finished the workshop that if I leave certain fruits to ferment I may end up with an alcoholic substance...... hmm I think more research will be needed but I will update you all on how my little jar turns out.


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  • This is great, and I'll look forward to reading your update on how it all turns out. :-)

  • It looks really interesting. I don't see an airlock on your jar, so I hope you are "burping your veg".

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