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Dinner tonight :-)

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Hi everyone,

I had a tasty dinner tonight - Roast Chicken with roasted vegetables (red onions, courgettes, aubergines, butternut squash and mushrooms) - it was delicious.

Wondering what you had - so if you would like to say, please do.

Hope everyone's week is going well so far. I'm still looking for a tasty Vegetarian recipe to use later in the week, but I suspect tomorrow's meal will be Chicken Curry to use up the remaining chicken.

Zest :-)

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Hello. For lunch today I made a marrow and carrot soup, after a kind neighbour gave me a marrowbut this evening I had a delicious sweet potato and chickpea curry with rice.

Many thanks Zest for posting the picture and recipe last week. It was straight forward to cook and very tasty.

The roast chicken dinner looks lovely.

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ZestStar in reply to Roset16

Hi Roset16,

Your Marrow and Carrot soup sounds delicious, and the Sweet potato and Chickpea curry with rice - that sounds familiar, and I am thrilled to see you tried the recipe and that you enjoyed it. That is fantastic - I will definitely be doing that recipe again - like you said, such a straight forward one and very tasty. Credit to Anita Bean (Nutritionist), as it's her recipe from her book. She really did a great recipe.

Here's to a great week, and thanks for your reply - it's always lovely to hear from you. :-)

Zest :-)

Zest, it looks delicious. I had smoked mackerel fillet with tomatoes, cucumber, spoonful of pasta and rice salad.

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ZestStar in reply to Milliemay1

Hi Milliemay1

Thanks for your reply, and your meal really sounds good - I think Mackerel is such a healthy fish - and so delicious.

Hope you have a really great week.

Zest :-)

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Roset16 in reply to Milliemay1

That sounds great. Like the combination.

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This looks really good, Zest! How long did it take to do?

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ZestStar in reply to Activity2004

Hi Activity2004,

The chicken took an hour and a half to roast in the oven, but the vegetables took just 25 minutes in the oven, and I did them in the remaining half hour before the chicken was ready. Very easy to do though!

Zest :-)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Zest

Great! I have to do this soon!

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ZestStar in reply to Activity2004

Excellent!!! :-)

Hi zest

Thanks for posting this lovely meal, it looks delicious and really healthy, I hope you enjoy the rest of your night

Rosie 😊

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ZestStar in reply to rosie-2015

Hi rosie-2015,

Thanks very much, it was really good. I hope you're enjoying your evening.

Zest :-)

Hi Zest,

I am also trying 3 days a week without meat or fish, 2 with fish and 2 with meat.

Last week, I had a roasted vegetable pasta bake from M and S ( 2 fine for £10)

I've had a go at recreating since and it was really good - comes in at 623 cals per portion but worth it in my opinion!!

To serve 3 hungry ( ahem greedy) people 😉

200g of dried pasta ( cooked)

Red pepper, yellow pepper, 2 red onions, 2 courgettes, 1 aubergine - all sliced and roasted in oven with 2tbsp olive oil, 4 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper

When roasted, mix with tin of tomatoes, and cooked pasta chop up a mozzarella ball ( reduced fat) and sprinkle over top, also sprinkle on 2 tbsp Parmesan. Add 4 tablespoons of pesto ( 1 in each corner) and cook for 30 mins until cheese is bubbling.

Serve with green veg ( broccoli, beans and asparagus).

Also nice cold with salad 😊

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ZestStar in reply to Jingle_berry

Hi Jingle_berry,

Thank you so much for posting that Pasta Bake recipe - I will definitely try to do that - I love Pasta Bake and all those lovely vegetables in it, they sound great! Thanks so much! :-)

Looking forward to it already.

Hope you enjoy your evening.

Zest :-)

Hi Zest,

Glad to hear you are keeping on the straight and narrow with your interesting meals. Gives us all some inspiration. Tonight, we had oven-baked cod topped with herby breadcrumbs mixed with a little grated cheese, served with tender-stem broccoli and some Uncle Bens Vegetable Rice - a quick meal as we had to cook a meal for 6 guests when we finished!

A vegetarian guest tonight had a stuffed pepper; I pre boiled a hollowed out a yellow pepper, and stuffed the cooked pepper with a savoury cous-cous (from a packet) mixed with extra chopped basil and parsley, extra paprika seasoning and chopped broccoli. I would normally add some grated cheese too, but she said she was Vegan so avoided the dairy input. It looked pretty, and she ate it all so can't have been too bad! I served it with a selection of other vegetables - fine green beans, cauliflower, new potatoes and carrots.

Looking forward to sharing more culinary ideas!

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ZestStar in reply to DartmoorDumpling

Hi DartmoorDumpling,

Really great to hear from you, and thanks for your lovely reply. :-) Your meal last night sounds really delicious - and I like the sound of the tasty meal (Stuffed pepper) that you served to your guest - sounds like she enjoyed it. :-) Lovely range of vegetables too - some great ideas there, and thanks for sharing.

Hope you have a lovely week.

Zest :-)

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