Finally made the Sweet Potato & Chick Pea Curry Recipe

Finally made the Sweet Potato & Chick Pea Curry Recipe

Hi everyone,

About 3 months back, I posted this recipe:

I have just managed to finally try it out this evening, and here is the resulting meal - I think it was really tasty and filling, and nutritious.

Definitely worth trying, if you like the look of it.

Zest :-)


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21 Replies

  • Looks absolutely lovely Zest, glad that you enjoyed it.

    Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  • Thanks blackbeauty99, I was relieved to finally get to make it, as I'd bought the cashew nuts a while back, and I kept meaning to try it. It was very easy to do as well. :-)

    Hope you have a great week.

    Zest :-)

  • The sweet potato and curry look great, Zest! When I have a few minutes, I will have to try and do the recipe for a dinner sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Activity2004 - I hope you'll enjoy it when you give it a go. :-)

  • Looks great. I'll give it a try later this week.

  • Fantastic, Roset16 - I hope you enjoy it. :-)

  • Thank you for sharing again and what a result, it looks really yummy. Next on my list to make :)

  • It was yummy, and I hope you enjoy it when you make it. :-)

  • Thank you and it looks absolutely gorgeous, I much prefer vegetarian food as I eat very little meat :)

  • I am trying to have a couple of vegetarian meals each week, as well as a couple of fish meals and the remaining meals being a meat of some kind (often chicken or turkey) - so it's good to find a Vegetarian recipe to try out. :-)

  • I love vegetarian and also fish and I also eat mainly chicken, I don't eat turkey much, and also my favourite fish is salmon. :)

  • Yes, salmon is lovely isn't it. I'm having some trout tonight - bought some frozen trout - so trying that out. :-)

  • Yummy, I'm having salmon tonight just for a change with sweet potato - lol :)

  • Snap on the sweet potato :-)

  • My favourite, I rarely eat normal potatoes :)

  • I also tend to eat sweet potatoes more frequently than ordinary potatoes - they have lots of nutrients in them, really tasty. :-) Hope you enjoyed your Salmon - my Trout was good! :-)

  • I love sweet potatoes and I normally cut mine into chips and bake in the oven. I loved my salmon, I put tomato sauce on top (I really need to make my own sauce so I know what's in it) along with a sprinkling of smoked spice - yum. Glad your trout was good :)

  • Hi crazyfitness - your Salmon sounded great - I often put some olive oil and Cajun spice on mine. That is a nice combination too.

    I also like doing sweet potatoes as baked chips - they are really yummy that way. :-)

    I've been a bit lazy this evening, and just had some cheese on toast, but I did enjoy it! :-)

    Hope you have an enjoyable evening, and that you enjoyed your meal tonight.

    Zest :-)

  • Now that sounds nice. I also like smoked paprika.

    Had baked sweet potatoes again tonight, while spoil the habit of a lifetime - lol :)

    I love cheese on toast, you can't beat it. At the moment though I am eating Lactose free dairy as I think I may be intolerant to it; I've had IBS for years and think that the Lactose in dairy may be making me worse. I have lactose free cheese though, it doesn't taste any different.

    Beef tonight, which was okay, but I struggle to eat it. Not sure how much longer I can eat it. I only buy it as my husband is a meat eater - we are polar opposites which makes it difficult.

    Have a lovely evening.

    Alicia :)

  • Have you been tested for lactose issues?

  • No I haven't, it's just purely guesswork. I'm on the IBS part of this forum as well and a lot of people on there go on the FODMAP diet to eliminate groups of foods to then reintroduce gradually to see what affects them - it doesn't work for everyone. So wish there was an easy answer.

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