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21st century problem about scrambled eggs


This might be the most bizarre thing ever mentioned, but I have really noticed that whenever I have scrambled eggs, I get the worst tummy cramps for hours afterwards!!!!!!

I have googled and so many other people experience the same thing with no solution and I just don't know what to do, as I do really love scrambled eggs!

I usually have 2-3 eggs, little bit of milk and make up in the pan once the butter has melted and have 2 rounds granary toast. Even when I have them in a restaurant I am doubled up in pain hours afterwards. (bit extreme but yes tummy definitely hurts)

No other eggs affect me like scrambled eggs do, I'm fine with boiled, dippy, poached and fried, just scrambled eggs make me want to crawl up into a ball.

Any one else experience this or have any ideas how to get over this weird sensation so I can be normal and enjoy scrambled eggs once more!!!!


Princess B x

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It could be the milk

princessbecky in reply to Betha

even just a splash? what does it do to me that cripples me when I have it in tea, mash potato, cereal, everything else and feel normal?

Betha in reply to princessbecky

I honestly don't know. Have you tried a hard boiled egg to see if the same thing happens?

princessbecky in reply to Betha

yeah hard boiled egg is fine

Hidden in reply to princessbecky

Are you allergic to Milk...?

princessbecky in reply to Hidden

I have it with literally everything else, cereal, tea, mash potato, all foods containing milk so strange

Hidden in reply to princessbecky

So some milk allergy

Shift to almond milk or coconut milk

princessbecky in reply to Hidden

I'll try it with one of those or just without! thanks

Have you tried scrambled eggs without the milk & cheese? Those two ingredients have lots of phosphorous.

cook it without milk? would you use anything as a substitute or just not at all

Kitten-whiskersVegan star

Good morning princessbecky, It is hard to say but It could be the Milk, the Gluten or even the eggs. Do you have low stomach acid?

Best wishes


Hi Debs,

I'm not sure, how would I find out if I do?

Kitten-whiskersVegan star in reply to princessbecky

Hello Princessbecky,

I am can not get the link to work (Sorry) but if you go to the the stop the thyroid madness website and type in low stomach acid where it says search STM then all the information will I come up.

If you do not have an allergy/reaction to the food it may well be low stomach acid (well it was in my case) Like you I noticed the things that were harder to digest caused me really bad stomach ache, like toast, or even a main meal, then over the years I ended up with crippling stomach ache most of the time, until I worked out I had low stomach acid.

It's just a thought, hope you feel better soon

I have stopped eating scrambled eggs, I dont get stomach pains or anything like that, but iv noticed a strange taste like sulphur, I did wonder if it could be the milk so i made it just with a little water, no butter and it still tasted the same. I eat organic eggs too. There are no strange tastes with boiled eggs or poached eggs which i have on a regular basis. IV noticed that they have started vaccinate even the organic chickens so the eggs are not what i really wanted. Its best to stick to boiled eggs or poached eggs. I never put butter or cheese in when i did scramble the eggs.

Hmmmm interesting, thank you for sharing!

Does that involve blood test :-(

I was tested last year for coeliac and things like when I had horrible tummy pains randomly but that but all came back negative!

there is an ad on wowcher for food intolerance of 300 foods including dairy. check it .Food ‘Intolerance Test’

£19 instead of £50 for an ‘intolerance test’ for almost 300 foods or £29 to include just over 300 non-food items from Healthy Stuff Online - save up to 62%

suramoStar in reply to princessbecky



Please do read the link.

I started on cashew and almond milk it has helped so much!!!!

crazyfitnessPWB Guest

Sounds to me like you could be lactose intolerant and even just a small amount doesn't agree with you. The butter might also affect you.

I would make scrambled eggs next time with lactose free milk (it's easy to get hold of) and dairy free spread.

Hope this helps.

I have successfully made scrambled eggs with soya milk, which you might like to try. My way of cooking them is to whisk up just 2 eggs (3 is too many) with a couple of splashes of soya milk, salt and pepper, (no need for the butter) and microwave for one minute. Then stir and microwave in short 20sec blasts, stirring in between, until nearly dry but finish before completely cooked through as it will continue to cook in its own heat. Serve on a plate minus the bread or with half a slice of toast, and enjoy with some mushrooms and tomatoes if you like. Egg is quite indigestible when cooked, so watch the quantities. Too much egg causes constipation (and related gut discomfort) so try just having smaller quantities, and drink lots of tea, coffee or fruit juice with your breakfast.


Difficult when you seem to be ok with each ingredient separately. I agree with DartmoorDumpling 3 eggs at the same time would be too many for me and might cause tummy ache just from needing to digest that much. I have one large or two small eggs. It might be worth altering one ingredient at a time to see if it makes a difference to see if you can identify the culprit! So maybe start by using a non dairy milk. If still get cramps try something else. I'd doubt it's the toast unless you have problems with other meals containing the same bread. Perhaps it's just how the egg structure changes when it's scrambled? Maybe because the yolk gets more cooked than other methods? ( I don't know if that is the case just an idea off the top of my head because I have a similar problem with hard cheese - if left to melt on warm food I'm ok but if it's put under a grill and heated for a while it will give me nausea and headache.)

Sorry to here. I like any type of Egg & have quite a lot. Only have 1 at a time though. Don't think it has anything to do with the Milk. good luck

I have discovered the same issue with scrambled eggs. I love eggs, just about any way you can make them. I found a few years ago that eggs was a trigger for stomach burn (right at the top of my stomach). I stopped eating eggs for about 6 months and started to experiment again. Hard fried eggs, no problem. Boiled eggs, no problem. Scrambled eggs, burning pain. I’ve had 2 endoscopes and it says I have gastritis, but I think a trigger is the loose egg because I have no other issues unless I eat a scrambled egg, even hard scrambled. It bothers me even though I take Prilosec. Would love to find a resolution.

Shannonc11 in reply to Donicep

This is exactly what happened to me!!! Same thing. I stopped eating eggs for a year actually. I’ve recently been eating them again, only organic all natural, and had scrambled eggs today and I have the worst stomach cramps. I don’t get it. I used to think it was because I was eating cheap eggs.

Some people are being ridiculous. Scrambled eggs with JUST EGGS do that. So stop telling us we "might be allergic or intolerant to added ingredients". I still get an upset stomach with NO ADDED INGREDIENTS. Besides, milk allergies are actually extremely rare.

Same issue...Dairy is not the issue. Ive read it could be the type of egg (non pasture raised) to its a chemical reaction when the white is mixed with the yolk and cooked which is why hard boiled and fried dont affect us. Not sure if your still reading this thread but im going to start experimenting with different brands of eggs as I love a soft scrambled egg.

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