Health Benefits of Red Onions and why Organic are Better:

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A recent study reveals that comparing the nutrition in five different onions, red or purple onions offer far more protection in terms for disease prevention, as several properties they contain kill three to four times more cancer cells

Flavonols, anthocyanins and allicin are three of the most powerful compounds in onions, but while they’re naturally high in all allium veggies, including shallots, garlic and leeks, red onions contain the most

New studies dispute earlier findings of there being no nutritional difference between organic and conventionally grown onions: Antioxidant activity was greater in organic red onion varieties, and the flavonols were as much as 20 percent higher


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19 Replies

  • Is this a political post, or did you miss the "s"? ;)

  • Ha, ha, ha!!! :)

  • Sorry, but I don't take any notice of 'Industry funded' sites like the ones you have listed, who are trying to discredit natural health practitioners because they are a threat to big pharma!

    I know organic is better and I know red onions are very beneficial for your health!

  • one you posted- Mercola- is private party selling his own products

    I get his emails -for 18 months - I ignored -mostly advertising


    Most peopll ignore it and can NOT afford it

  • BadHare

    Guess this is is also quack site???

    A report by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research suggests that non-starchy vegetables—such as lettuce and other leafy greens, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, as well as garlic, onions, and the like—and fruits “probably” protect against several types of cancers, including those of the mouth, throat, voice box, esophagus, and stomach; fruit probably also protects against lung cancer. (6)

  • Prevention is an entirely different claim to cure.

  • BadHare


    is also Food quack

    as it says...

    For centuries, Allium vegetables have been used in a wide variety of cuisines worldwide and are valued for their potential medicinal properties. During the first Olympic Games in Greece, garlic was consumed as a stimulant and in Roman times, soldiers chewed garlic before battle for strength. Presently, these vegetables continue to hold their fascination for their unique flavor, chemistry, and biological properties. Epidemiological studies indicate some protective associations of Allium vegetable consumption against cancers, particularly cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Fundamentally different claims.

    Vegetables are good For you and reduce your cancer risk compared with no veg. That is not news.

    You'll notice that the credible Harvard article doesn't support the argument that organic is better.

    All the high quality comparisons suggest the quality of organic food is no different or actually worse.

    Buy organic if you like, pay your gullible-idiot tax, just don't tell people it is better without good evidence.

  • Actually, organic has been found to contain more antioxidants, because the plant's defence mechanisms produce antioxidants to defend themselves from pests and plants sprayed with pesticides don't need to do this, plus the soil they are grown in is healthier and contains more nutrients!

    Hence organic IS healthier!

  • Credible citation required...

  • Do your OWN research!! I'm sure you know how to use Google....

  • You made the fantastical claim. The burden of proof lies upon you.

    See also, "Russell's Teapot"

  • No it doesn't!......I know your game.

  • Food is medicine and certain foods/plants can cure illnesses, including cancer.

  • only if you eat home grown Organic

  • Alas, that is nonsense.

  • Well said one and all.

  • I love to eat red onion. I added in my daily food diet. Thanks for your nice information.

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