Another salad :-)

Another salad :-)

Hi everyone,

Here's a Chicken Salad I had this evening. Normally I marinate my own chicken, but I admit I bought a pre-packed one this time - and I didn't enjoy it as much, but the salad itself was really tasty - the greens are rocket, spinach and watercress with some parsley and coriander herbs mixed in, and underneath that were some olives and some different salads - plus a few Jersey Royal potatoes (cold - resistant starch).

Hope you're enjoying the weekend and the hot weather. It was foggy here this morning, but it's brilliant sunshine now. I've just got back from an evening walk, which was really good.

If you want to share what you had for your evening meal, I'd love to hear what you had, but whatever you're doing, enjoy it.

I had some strawberries with ice-cream and cream for dessert as it's the weekend, and that was delcious too. Some flaked almonds on the top of that. Yum! :-)

Zest :-)


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43 Replies

  • That looks so tasty Zest. I love rocket salad.i had that again with another of my home made burgers i usually make two and have one one day and one the next.i love to put Balsamic vinegar of modina on my salad leaves and tomatoes and sprnkle with walnuts and a few blue berries. im really enjoying my meals and sitting at the table eating them. love grace xoxo

  • Hi grace111,

    Thank you! :-) Yes, I love the taste of Rocket salad - quite peppery isn't it. :-) Wow, I also use the Modena Balsamic vinegar as a dressing - I put it on most things. I don't think it has much sugar in it, as it's very vinegary - and really adds a lovely flavour.

    Your walnuts and blueberries in the salad sound scrummy. Great that you're enjoying your meals and that you're sitting at the table to eat them - that way you can truely be 'mindful' and enjoy the experience. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Hi zest

    Your meal looks delicious nice and colourful, I haven't tasted rocket salad I will have to try it. Your dessert sounds delicious, I'm glad you were able to have a nice walk, I went to the library this morning for some new audio discs, I enjoyed the short walk there and back I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and I hope the weather stays warm

    Rosie xx 😊

  • Hi Rosie,

    Thank you :-) I hope you enjoy Rocket Salad when you try it - I bought a pack containing a mixture of Rocket, Spinach and Watercress - so it was a really nice mixture - and I just added some parsley and coriander to that for extra flavours. But Rocket by itself is really good - and of all the salad leaves it's probably my favourite - grace111 also really likes it.

    Great that you went to the library today and got some new audio discs - I enjoy stocking up on new books from the library - I enjoy reading. Glad to hear you enjoyed your walk, and let's hope the rest of the weekend is nice and sunny and warm.

    Zest :-) xxx

  • Hi zest and grace 111

    Your modena balsamic vinegar sound's nice I will have to try it, do you use it for other meals as well as salad , I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening

    Rosie xx 😊

  • hi rosie i just love the taste of this balsamic vinegar and i use it on other things. even if i make a sandwish i just put a tiny drop on the meat or cheese. not that i eat a lot of cheese but i do slice it very very thinly. iv added this for you as it depends what you like. iv not tried it in sweets yet or sodas but others may want to try it i just find the taste so addictive. hope your having a good night rosie and nice to speak to you thanks for mentioning me. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi Rosie,

    Yes, I use it on other meals too - I usually drizzle it on my evening meals - and I have also used it on strawberries as a dessert - also having some ground pepper on those as well - it really enhances the flavour of the strawberries! :-)

    It is very versatile indeed, although it can be very expensive to buy - but the prices vary, so you can shop around, and it lasts a long time).

    Zest :-)

  • Hi zest

    I hope you'reenjoying the sunshine 😊

    I don't really like strawberries so I won't be trying it out lol. I had a look in the co-op but i couldn't see any, I will have to try tesco or sainsburys as I am have one of each near by. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day

    Rosie xx 😊

  • yes you will get this in sainsburys.

  • Thanks grace111,my husband goes there now and again, you can get some good bargains if your there at the right time lol it won't be the balsamic vinegar but maybe the salad and fruit x

  • mine is from sainsburys organic range and its only around £2.00, for 250 ml a great price.

  • That's brilliant I'll have to ask him to get it tomorrow, I'll probably be the only one using it so hopefully it will last a while lol😊

  • Yes, or you could also get it in Waitrose. :-)

  • We don't have a waitrose nearby, i would have to go away to the other side of the town, i would probably get one in asda but that's a bus ride away 😊

  • Hi Grace 111

    Thanks for the link, I've had a quick look at it and I'll have a lonervous look later, I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'm enjoying seeing all the different recipes

    Rosie xx 😊

  • yes me too. and to benwl i love onions so much too. i just love good food and i enjoy eating. i was told by a cook that when i chop onions and garlic i was to leave them to stand for around 10 to 15 minutes as it allows relaease of something thats in the onion and garlic . i do this and i eat them raw while im waiting i hope you enjoyed your onion curry. sound delish too. xoxoxo

  • Thanks, I didn't know that about leaving onions and garlic, will do that next time. I have read that if you cut up broccoli and cauliflower and leave them for 45 minutes it enhances the sulforaphane content (and that's supposed to be a powerful anti oxidant etc)

  • yes i think its similar with the garlic and onions. i will leave my broccoli and cauliflower the next time as i use them both to make soup. thanks for that tip too. love grace xoxo

  • That looks yummy and reminds me that I didn't get enough greens today :)

    I had a huge amount of onions I needed to use up, so I made what's best described as an onion pilau - that's onion curry with rice mixed in.

    I've also recently discovered that chopping onions really coarsely seems to increase their flavour.

  • Hi benwl,

    Thank you! :-) Your Onion Pilau sounds really delicious - and it's great to hear those tips from yourself and grace111 about chopping up the onions, to increase their flavour. I love onions.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • When I was diagnosed with IBS and put on various elimination diets it turned out that onions were one of my trigger foods so I had to give them up - but after I went vegan I discovered I could reintroduce them so now I'm back to putting them in everything!

  • It's really nice that you have been able to enjoy your love of onions again, and that a Vegan lifestyle suits you so well. :-) That is amazing to hear that you can now tolerate onions, when previously they were a trigger food for IBS - how long have you been eating a Vegan diet?

  • I was really surprised to find I could take onions again and it's made me appreciate that the links between food and health aren't always as simple as saying food X causes symptom Y.

    I've been vegan for over two years, and I dramatically cut down on fat, protein and salt at the same time so it was quite a change in diet.

  • It's great that you've found a way of eating that works for you. I am wondering how you make your Onion Pilau, as I really like the sound of an Onion Curry with rice. Do you have a specific recipe for it? I ended up buying lots of onions today - when I went shopping, and I think you influenced my purchases - so now I'm looking forward to some onion recipes. :-)

  • I'm suggestible like that, now planning what I can do with spinach :)

    I just made the onion pilau recipe up and it could probably do with some improvement but this is what I did:


    Onions! Garlic, ginger, tin of tomatoes, rice, chilli powder, turmeric.

    Put half a cup of rice on - bring to boil and then simmer adding water as needed to stop it drying out. I use short grain brown rice which takes about 40 mins to cook, but any brown rice would work here.

    Then chop onions, I had about 3 large ones, add 3 to 5 chopped garlic cloves, about half inch of chopped ginger (or powered ginger). These make a pretty standard curry base apart from the larger amount of onions.

    Put this in a lidded pan and sweat for about 15 mins stirring frequently and adding small amounts of water if necessary to stop sticking (or you could use oil or a fat of your choice and fry). Then add 1 tsp turmeric and half tsp chilli powder and cook for further few minutes. Add 400g tin of chopped tomatoes and quarter tin's worth of water and cook for further 10 mins. Finally add the rice which should be almost done by now, and cook another 5 - 10 mins or until done.

    It would be easy to add other veggies like peppers or carrots in with the onions, for frozen ones like peas or sweetcorn at the end after the tomatoes.

  • I am really excited now, because that recipe looks soooooo delicious - thank you very much. :-) I am going to definitely be doing that later in the week - and good luck to you for using up your spinach - maybe try something like Roset16's spinach filo tart? But you're Vegan so wouldn't be adding cheese - but maybe mushrooms and other yummy veggies.

    Thanks again for the great recipe - Onion Pilau - yum! :-)

  • iv bought a new note book today for my recipes. im excited to i love this forum.

  • That's great - your new notebook will be full of great recipes before you know it! I love your enthusiasm, it's infectious! :-)

  • Hi sounds lovely, and I agree, things you cook yourself are always better! What do you mean by cold resistant starch? Not a term I've heard before? Pleased you enjoyed your walk, I've sadly not managed to fit one in today, hopefully will tomorrow.

  • RS3 – Resistant starch that is formed when starch-containing foods are cooked and cooled, such as pasta. Occurs due to retrogradation, which refers to the collective processes of dissolved starch becoming less soluble after being heated and dissolved in water and then cooled.

  • Thanks for taking the time to explain 😊

  • HI Caz28,

    Thank you. :-) I can see that grace111 has explained the 'Resistant starch' concept, which is great. :-) Here is another link about it, if you want to have a look:

    I hope you get chance to have a nice walk today - and that you're enjoying the weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • thats a much better link and not baffling like some of them. thanks for that one.

  • Glad you liked it. :-)

  • Thanks Zest , it's great how I'm learning all the time on this forum! Found it really interesting, .I lthink be cold rice, potatoes and pasta and even more now I know they are good for me!

  • Looks and sounds lovely. Like the salad leaves as well.

    My evening meal was a slice of spinach, ricotta and feta pie with asparagus and jersey potatoes. Just less than 450 calories. Dessert was slices of fresh pineapple. Nice to eat fresh ingredients.

    A lovely day here. 🙂

  • im getting hungry all over again. yummy.

  • Hi Roset16,

    Thanks. :-)

    Your evening meal sounds so delicious - I will hope to give that a go sometimes, as I had been thinking of making a Spinakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) - and I think the ingredients are similar to the ones you've made, and I really like the sound of that combination of flavours. Delicious!

    Fresh pineapple is great! I usually have some on my breakfast porridge - and I love it. :-)

    Glad you had a lovely day and hope it's good today as well.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you. Have a good day yourself.

  • Thank you. :-) I'm hoping to get out for a walk at some point. :-)

  • Same here. A busy morning then a walk in a nearby Country Park. A new brood of swans have hatched last week and herons have been spotted in one of the quieter lakes, so I might take my camera along. Have a nice walk yourself.

  • I hope you get some great photos - seeing the newly hatched swans, and the herons too - I hope you spot them, and enjoy your walk. :-)

  • My mouth full of water after seen this image.

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