Pledging for the weekend - anyone want to join me?

Pledging for the weekend - anyone want to join me?

Hi everyone,

I love weekends, and am very happy that it's here. I would like to pledge a few things to help make this weekend healthier for me. Wondered if anyone else wants to join me, and pledge something (optional number of things - I'm doing 5 things) - if so, just post your pledges here, and we can report back on how things went.

My pledges:

1) Look for a healthy eating recipe and aim to try it out and then share it with the community, later in the week, as a 'Healthy Eating Recipe'. We have a topic in the community for such recipes, and a link is here:

2) Commit to doing some exercise this weekend - hopefully a walk on Saturday and one on Sunday.

3) When I next go shopping for groceries, I will try to choose some a few vegetables and maybe a fruit that I don't normally buy - for variation and to mix things up a bit!

4) I've bought some crisps (a multi-bag) and so this is a danger area for me, as I have tended to eat more than one packet at a time in the past, and I need to commit to only having 1 packet on Saturday and 1 on Sunday - and no more... So that is my pledge - to stick to that.

5) I've got a long weekend 'To Do' list so I pledge to tackle something from that list each day - and hopefully 'do' those things rather than procrastinate.

So, those are my pledges - and I hope you might join me and pledge something for yourself, if you want to!

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Zest :-)


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24 Replies

  • I'll join you zest. To keep my inner greedy self content throughout the week, I allow a bar of my favourite chocolate on a Saturday night (whether I want it or not). I don't need a whole bar but if I buy it, I will eat it. So, I pledge to keep to the plan but to buy a small bar.

    I also pledge to go for a swim tomorrow morning.

    Nice idea and look forward to hearing feedback.


  • Great Justine, it's brilliant that you're pledging something, and I'd like to wish you success with your pledges - they sound great! I'm just about to go out for my walk, as the weather is really good.

    Have a really great day.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Zest, gorgeous day for a walk....Hope you enjoyed your self. Justine

  • Thanks Justine, it was a good walk, and I hope tomorrow's will also be good. Hope you're enjoying Saturday so far. :-)

  • Hi again Justine,

    Just wondered if you managed to get your swim in over the weekend, and if you enjoyed it?

    I hope so, and wishing you a great week.

    Zest :-)

  • Like the idea of setting a few pledges down.

    1. I will go for a walk today and tomorrow. Aim for 3 miles each.

    2. I have bought a "bargain' 8 tins of tuna in springwater so I pledge to research some healthy tuna recipes and try them out. I will let you know how it goes early next week.

    Happy weekend. 🌷🌻

  • Hi Roset16,

    Really happy you're joining us for some pledges. :-) They sound great, and I am looking forward already to hearing your ideas for healthy tuna recipes - I love tuna, not had any for quite some time. :-)

    Enjoy your walks, I'm about to go out for my walk now - the weather is good, and should be enjoyable.

    Have a great day!

    Zest :-)

  • First walk completed, just missed a shower storm. Home after 5.78km of dark cloudy weather but at least I was dry.

  • This is fantastic Roset16 - well done on your walk - and glad you missed a shower storm - great timing! 5.78km is really great! Hope you enjoyed it, and wishing you an excellent evening.

    I'm just cooking my evening meal, and will pop back later to report on the outcome of my goals after the first day of the weekend.

    Good luck for the remaining goals on your list. You're doing really well :-)

  • Good morning Zest,

    Great idea and I will join you.

    My weekend pledges are:

    1. Drink 8 glasses of water per day

    2. Do a home workout on Sunday evening rather than or as well as doing work emails

    And I also like your crisp pledge. I always buy big bags as better value but then it's much harder to stop eating them, so I will try out buying the multi-bag packs when I next go shopping.

    I love your stunning photo of palm trees and tulips - is that Guernsey?

    Walnut Tree

  • Hi WalnutTree,

    Fantastic!!! Great to have you on board with us for a bit of weekend pledging. :-)

    Your pledges sound great, and I like hearing different people's pledges, as it gives great ideas for healthy things to try out. You've reminded me of ensuring I drink sufficient fluids - which I sometimes neglect - especially on hot days!

    Yes, it's a photo of the lovely floral garden in St. Peter Port, Guernsey - beautiful flowers. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Hi again WalnutTree - did you manage to get your home workout done on Sunday evening as planned? I hope you had a great weekend, and you helped me out by reminding me to drink sufficient fluids - it was a hot weekend. Thank you! :-)

    Wishing you a great week.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Zest, yes I did - I wouldn't have done it unless I'd pledged it but I did a 30 min abs and cardio workout via YouTube. I started work emails after that (10pm). All good! I was very pleased.

    Have a great week.

    Walnut Tree

  • Hi WalnutTree,

    Oh that's great! Really glad to hear you succeeded, and I hope you enjoyed that abs and cardio workout. :-)

    Here's to a great week for us all.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi again,

    Popping back to feedback on how Saturday has gone, regarding my pledges.

    1) Not looked for the Healthy eating recipe yet - but hope to do so tomorrow.

    2) Exercise - walk planned for today and tomorrow. I've enjoyed a walk today - it was 1 hour and 40 minutes on the cliff-paths, and it was beautiful. I am glad I coped ok with it, as I've got a bruised little toe that was causing me to limp around the last few days, so to manage a walk felt good!

    3) Groceries - my hubby chose a veg we don't have very often, and it was a Swede. So we had some of it in our evening meal, and cut it into chip shapes and roasted them, and Swede chips taste great!!! :-) If anyone has any ideas for what to do with the remaining half of the Swede, then please let me know. I guess it could be good mashed up. :-)

    4) Crisps - Yes, I kept to just 1 small bag today, as per my goal. Hope to do the same tomorrow.

    5) I managed to do a couple of things off my 'To Do' list, and hope I can do some more tomorrow.

    I hope everyone is getting on ok with their goals today - I know that Roset16 has done her walk today - well done!!! :-)

    Good luck to Fresh2708 and WalnutTree and Roset16 for tomorrow!

    Not too late to join us if you want to pledge something for the remainder of the weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • You've achieved a lot. Brilliant. I have posted a picture of my first recipe challenge and an update. Hope I have put it in the right place. Onto a second recipe this afternoon. Have a good day. 😊

  • Hi again Roset, I'm just going to link to your lovely recipe here, incase anyone wants to see it who is reading this thread:

    Well done on achieving your goals - great work! :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks for the link. Also I forgot to say I like the sound.of your use of swede.

    Thanks again for suggesting a weekend of pledges. I've enjoyed it.

    If you try the Tuna patty recipe I've seen one suggestion of putting tobasco sauce in it. Bought some this afternoon and will try it during the week. I'll be trying Tuna stuffed peppers on Tuesday. I hadn't realised how versatile Tuna is.

  • Putting tobacco in the tuna patty recipe - really?

    I like the sound of your Tuna stuffed peppers, and will keep an eye out for when you post it. :-)

    Here's to a great week! :-)

  • Lol 😆. That would be tabasco sauce.!!!! Ah! Predictive text. What would we do without it. Answer--be putting the correct sauce in a recipe. Thanks for the or reaction.

  • lol - predictive text is funny sometimes. :-) Tabasco sauce sounds much better! :-)

  • Hi Roset16,

    Good luck with your plans for your second Tuna recipe, and I've put a link to my Creamy Swede soup below. It was quite nice, and I've frozen the extra batches. I added sweet potato though, as I wanted to add another vegetable for extra flavour and it seemed to work well. The other reason was I'd already used half the swede to make chips, and so didn't quite have sufficient swede to do the recipe as quoted.

    I like to adapt recipes anyway, as it's nice to make them according to personal taste/preference.

    Wishing you a great week.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi again,

    Just popping back to update on the second day of the weekend.

    1) Healthy eating recipe - I have decided to do a Swede soup recipe that I found in a cookery book - so I'll be hoping to make it later this week and will post a picture and the recipe when I do so.

    2) I managed another walk today - so I am pleased to say I did a walk both days of the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed them both - such glorious weather, really lovely.

    3) Groceries - as already mentioned, my hubby chose the Swede as the veg we don't normally have, and we had Swede chips last night with our meal, and we'll be having Swede soup later this week - so that's been good to have some different veg.

    4) I had just 1 small bag of crisps yesterday and today, so feel good for sticking to my plan.

    5) I managed to complete a couple more items on my weekend To Do list, and feel good about that.

    I am thrilled to see that Roset16 has also completed her pledges, and she's given me a great idea now - for the Tuna recipe she's tried out - and I'm looking forward very much to her second recipe she's going to share later in the week. Exciting! :-)

    Fresh2708 and WalnutTree - hope you're doing ok with your pledges, and thanks to all of you for joining me with this Pledge Challenge - it was fun. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Just popping back to add a link to the recipe I tried for Creamy Swede Soup (my amendment to that recipe was to add some sweet potato, and I omitted a couple of the ingredients (i.e. no honey or nutmeg) - but the original recipe is there incase you prefer to try it out - I think it's nice to adapt recipes to personal taste, and I tend to do that:

    Zest :-)

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