Boil & Bake Fruit & Walnut Cake Recipe

Boil & Bake Fruit & Walnut Cake Recipe

Boil & Bake Fruit & Walnut Cake.

500g mixed dried fruit (I used 200g),

100g chopped dates (I used 4 dates),

75g low fat or polyunsaturated spread (I used butter),

300ml water

1 tsp mixed spice

100g chopped walnuts (I used 75g),

300g wholemeal flour

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

2 eggs (I used 1 egg)


1.Bring the mixed fruit, dates, spread/butter, water and spice to the boil

2.Leave to cool

3.Add chopped nuts, flour, bicarbonate of soda and eggs, mix well

4.Put into a greased and bottom-lined tin, e.g. 20cm/8” square (I used a 2lb loaf tin with a tin liner)

5.Bake in a moderate oven (160’C/325’F/Gas 3) for one hour or until a skewer comes out clean.

N.B. I've put my adaptations to the recipe in brackets. Personally I substituted butter for the low-fat spread, and I reduced the amount of ingredients and found that the taste of the cake was really good.

This recipe was one that was included in a "Healthy Heart's Day Cookery Demonstration Event" that I attended a few years ago, and I wanted to try a new cake that was easy to cook - and this one is really tasty and easy to do.

I've cut it up into slices and frozen them, and they freeze really well.

If you have a healthy cake recipe you'd like to share - please feel free to add it to this thread, or do a fresh thread with a photo - and put the 'topic' of 'Healthy Recipe' next to it - so we can easily find it in the community.

The same with any other Healthy Recipes you have and wish to share with the Healthy Eating Community.

Wishing everyone a great weekend, it's nearly here!

Zest :-)


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25 Replies

  • Thank you Zest for this recipe . And what a great idea to freeze in slices ! Will be trying this out at the weekend.

  • Great! I hope you enjoy it. :-)

  • That looks delicious Zest and has prompted me to follow this group, so thank you for that. It has also prompted me to post a recipe I just tried at home, which I think you may enjoy in return... Coming soon!

  • Hi Dietbunny,

    Thank you, and I am excited that you're going to be posting a recipe you just tried. I'll be able to have a look when I get back this evening - and I will look forward to it! :-)

    Just dashing out the door now, but wishing you a great day and a lovely weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Very nice indeed. It looks really good Zest ☺

  • Thanks jimtom, hope you're having a great week. :-)

  • Very busy but it's good, I hope your has been great too Zest. ☺

  • Yes, also busy, but it's been a good one. But I much prefer weekends!!! :-)

  • Weekends are definitely the winner 😂

  • I totally agree! :-)

  • Looks great. Any idea of the calorie content?

  • Hi derrygeel,

    That's a very good question, and I wish I knew the answer. Whenever I have some 'fruitcake' I use my Fitbit to calculate how many calories, and on that it says that '1 piece' of fruitcake is 139 calories, which I thought was too low really - so I weighed my cake, and it's 70g on average per slice, and that came out at 230 calories. BUT, I suspect that the 'fruitcake' I've made won't be quite as calorific as the 'fruitcake' that is standard on the Fitbit - so I imagine it's an over-estimation of calories. But I'd prefer to over-estimate than under-estimate, so whenever I'm putting in my 1 slice of cake - I allow 230 calories for it.

    So essentially, I'm not sure if I'm accurate or not - and probably have over-estimated.

    Sorry I can't be more precise, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on how many calories might be in a slice, if you (or anyone else) have any thoughts on it. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • There's a recipe I have for Oxford lunch which is similar, if not more calorific. I've worked it out using the NHS calorie counter as 311 calories per 100. However I do it in 2 1lb loaf tins so the slices are smaller. At some point I worked out that a slice was 146 calories.

  • Thanks, that's helpful. :-)

  • Wow it looks and sounds delicious zest thanks for posting this recipe I hope you're having a lovely day

    Rosie xx 😊

  • Hi Rosie,

    Thanks very much. I've just had a piece just now with a cup of coffee and it was lovely! So, yes, I'm having a good day so far thanks, and I hope you are too. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Hi zest I'm glad you're having a good day, I wish I was having a slice of your cake with a coffee 😊 Rosie xx

  • I would love to be able to share some with you rosie-2015 - not long now till the weekend, I'm getting excited already. :-) xxx

  • I hope you have a lovely weekend 😊Rosie xx

  • Thanks, you too. :-) xxx

  • Wow Zest, that looks absolutely delicious, thank you for posting. Does it have a sweet taste because I don't see any sweetener. Do the dates sweeten it? I am planning to make it with gluten free flour, I hope it will work :)

  • Hi Poorni1234,

    Thank you. :-) The sweetness comes purely from the dates and the dried fruits. I used Spelt flour (organic wholegrain) (claims on the packet to have a "unique gluten structure which makes it easier to digest than modern wheat" - but I've not tried the cake with gluten-free flour - so I really hope it will work out ok for you.

    Hope you'll let me know how you get on with it, and hope it is tasty.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you, I will report back after I make it :)


    Tried and tested make sure tin is lined or it sticks like glue

  • Hi Milliewilkie,

    That cake looks interesting, many thanks.

    Zest :-)

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