Healthy Lunch today

Healthy Lunch today

Hi everyone,

I was particularly inspired this week by 2 posts in the Healthy Eating forum, and would like to thank rosie-2015 for her interesting post about Beetroot:

and I would like to thank jimtom for posting about home-made bread:

My lunch today consisted of a wholemeal sandwich filled with roast chicken and avocado. My bread was baked fresh from the local baker, but I am going to consider some of the fresh bread recipes in jimtom's post, as they look really good. Definitely worth a look if you've not yet seen them.

The beetroot was a delicious addition, and I am grateful to Rosie for reminding me of such a tasty food.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Zest :-)


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20 Replies

  • Thank you Zest.

    Will you try a baking machine or use the old fashioned way.

  • Definitely the old fashioned way, as I don't have a baking machine, and also I think it will be satisfying to try the homemade way. Have you made any bread yet from any of the recipes?

  • Not yet but I plan to next week, just got a lot on this weekend. I use a machine but I might try the traditional way.

  • Great! Maybe post about your results, if you would like to. It would be great to see how it turns out and which one you try. :-) Good luck! Should be tasty! :-)

  • Yes ill post them and let you know how they taste.

    Will you do the same? :)

    I hope they will be tasty :D

  • Yes I will, although I am not sure when I will get to the baking - but I will do my best to try to do it sometime this week - or next weekend if I don't manage it in the week. You are inspiring me, and it's something I'd love to do, so thank you! :-)

    I shall look forward to seeing your baking too - when you post it, if you use the 'topic' of 'healthy recipe' it will ensure your post is easily found by others - if you don't use the 'topic' feature, then the posts can get lost - as they aren't tagged in the topic category - hope that makes sense. :-) Just an option to consider when posting. :-)

  • I think it will be next weekend when I get around to it, I have done it before but it was years ago so I don't know much about it anymore.

    We are inspiring each other I think so thank you too :)

    I will try to post it under Healthy recipe if I remember :P

    I am looking forward to this now. :)

  • Excellent! :-) Maybe we'll inspire some other 'bakers' to get in the mood and bake some fresh bread too.

    The weather is great right now, so I'm off out for some exercise, been sitting here contemplating whether to run or not. No time like the present, so I'll pop off now, but great to chat to you, and enjoy your afternoon! :-)

  • Was just thinking the same, something like a bake off sort of thing :D

    I'm just back from exercise, go out and go for it.

    Thanks for the chat and have a great weekend.

  • :-)

  • I have a bread maker wise I use sometimes. I can add some fruit or nuts. I put what every I fancy or what is in the cupboard at the time . Only problem I love it when it is hot with jam and butter on. Then it is cut into door stops sizes. So don't do it that often. Lovely day with the sun out . Only did 1/12 mile walk my back started playing me up and also my grandson is having trouble with his sinuses. We had a lovely ceasea salad. Having a good weekend now watching my tennis.

  • Hi Caroline,

    I think bread makers are a great invention - I've just never got around to investing in one myself. I really like the sound of adding fruit and nuts - I bet that makes it really tasty! :-)

    Your Ceasar salad sounds great! I hope the tennis is good this afternoon. Sorry to hear your Grandson is having trouble with his sinuses - and sorry to hear your back is playing you up, but well done for your walk and enjoy the rest of your afternoon. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • I cannot do it the old fashioned way because I have no strength in my arm anymore. It is very rewarding though I used to do it every Saturday when I was at school for the family and it would last us all week. I am now thinking of the good old days

  • Hi again Caroline,

    You are reminiscing, and there's nothing wrong with that. Memories are lovely - and at least you can still enjoy delicious bread with your bread maker - no need for elbow grease when you have one of those!

    Zest :-)

  • It looks delicious zest is that a pickle i see, it's put me in the mood for a pickle.i hope you're having a nice weekend and thank you for mentioning me in your post😉 Rosie

  • Hi Rosie,

    Thank YOU - if it wasn't for your lovely post on Beetroot, I would have passed by that Beetroot salad, and I have to say it was really tasty - I've got some left for tomorrow.

    Yes, you do spy a pickle - I think they are soooooo tasty - pickled onions. Mmmmm!!!! :-) I've been trying to get hold of some pickled walnuts too.

    I hope you're having a great weekend so far.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi zest i really fancy a pickle, i know i can get the small silverskins pickle2in a jar can i buy the bigger ones the same way. I've got some tinned sardines in tomato sauce i fancy it with beetroot and pickle with a bit toast Rosie😉

  • That sounds like a great combination - you will hopefully really enjoy that! :-)

    I usually buy the larger pickled onions as well. :-)

  • I'm definitely going to get some large pickled onions, i love most picked veg. Last night I had some vacuum packed fish from aldi along with some broccoli and cauliflower it was delicious the fish takes 3/4 min in micro so it's a nice quick healthy meal.I'm trying to take your5 advice and introduce more fish and protein into my diet I better rest now i am making more mistakes and my arm's too tired to correct them bye for now

    Rosie xx

  • Your fish meal sounded really good. Lovey and quick to cook as well. :-) Yes, I also love pickled things - they taste really good.

    Bye for now Rosie, and enjoy your evening. :-) xxx

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