Weight loss pt3

Weight loss pt3

After making the boiled basmati rice mixed with wholewheatpasta and lentils I realised this isn't what I wanted. I tasted abit of pasta from the rice to see if it wasn't raw so I thought coz I liked it so much this is what I wanted so I made a batch of wholewheat pasta on its own and then mixed in 2 heaped tbl soon of the fajita mix I brought today's flavoured smokey BBQ smells so nice and healthy and then I had tried to meal prep so after that I had put the food in its containers and then in fridge so out of the fridge I took one of the vegetable stew/ soup (steup 😂) this is what I've decided to call what I've made as I couldn't tell what it was and then mixed that with the pasta adding bits of mozerella cheese and then when properly cooked , put it in a container and then added more and now I'm gonna dig in the second I post the pic. It smells amazing I hope it tastes that good to.

If so , the rest will be left for my uni dinner tomorrow, so I hope everything is sorted 👍🏻

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  • It does sound yummy, but if you're trying to lose weight, carbs are the last thing you should be eating to be honest. Good fats are the best thing to consume, to lose weight AND to be and feel healthy! :)



  • Thank you

    I actually tried the brown wholewheat pasta as I've heard it's healthy

    Thank you for the link you have provided ☺️

  • It's only slightly healthier because of the fact that unrefined (Brown) flour in the pasta has a few more vitamins and minerals, than refined white does. Also, because it is slower release, so raises insulin levels more slowly than white (refined) flour. But carbs are still bad for weight loss as they get stored as fat and do raise insulin levels quite high (Even unrefined), which cause health problems such as Diabetes, obesity, heart disease. You're better off cutting right back on all carbs if you want to lose weight.

    You're welcome for the links though. :)

  • There are 3 major macro-nutrients that we all need to eat - carbs ( low GI ones) , fat ( as little animal fat as possible) and protein ( both animal and vegetable) This is a good macro-nutrient calculator bodybuilding.com/fun/macron...

    For the OP of this thread, your wholewheat pasta, basmati rice and lentils are all good low GI foods - you just need to balance them with vegetables and meats. My view is that we should eat everything that our great- Grandmothers cooked and ate - but in moderation with a minimum of so-called treats that many/most modern people give themselves every day . It looks like you have made your meal tasty - I like to use a wide range of herbs and spices with my cooking

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