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I've been working twilights this week; home at 01:15 this morning. I fancied something to eat, so had an early breakfast of double cream, cheese, and smoothie (berries, whole-milk and spinach), oh and some nuts.

Bed by 02:30, up by 06:30 to walk the dogs, did the pots then back to bed until almost 09:30.

Just had lunch of porridge (first time for yonks) with whole-milk, soft cheese, and fried eggs; could do with some veggies.

Back on track for tea time, sometime between 17:00 and 19:00, in transition for earlies tomorrow; 05:30 start.

I'm sticking with balanced eating at the mo, rather than 'Body Clock Diet' recommendations of protein earlier in the day to promote consciousness (my hormones have already woken me up, so I reason I don't need 'more') or most carbs for evening meal to promote sleep (I prefer to space them to prevent overload).

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That's better, it has to be like that! Carbs load has to be distributed between number of meals you take in a day to prevent overload as you say. Eating all carbs at a time in one or two meals would spike sugar level more according to me.

Eating lot of protein first thing in the morning may keep you awake and not feel lazy but you may feel devoid of energy due to low carbs which you need most in the morning after a whole night's fast.


On the whole we are in agreement Ashka9, however I find I don't 'need' carbs specifically in a morning now that my metabolism is working efficiently, because having low Gi carbs at each meal prevents my glycogen becoming depleted, and so is available as required. Sleep is the time for replenishing glycogen that has been used.


I am not talking of taking ONLY carbs in the morning. Ofcourse, I believe in selecting low or medium GI foods for whole of our lives and eliminating high GI foods...if their GL is also high. We have to take into account total glycemic load also into account. For e.g. Watermelon has a high GI, but GL is too low in a serving then if I wish to eat it in a meal replacing grains, it could be healthy! Immediate spikes doesn't matter much as it does in watermelon, only the time period i.e. how long the blood sugar level remains high is more important for average blood sugar to be optimum...i.e. HbA1c to be lower so that it doesn't damage our organs.


I've been through this before, but since even small amounts of high Gi foods start the peak and slump cycle of blood sugar/insulin, I don't see any benefit from eating them, and don't consider them at all healthy.


Incidentally, GL is a man-made concept to explain both the quality and quantity of carbohydrate are important. However, as I discussed with Anup a while back, since it is the amount of energy being delivered that is measured, the formula for kinetic energy may be more appropriate which is 1/2m times v squared, where m is the mass (amount in grammes) and v squared is the Gi multiplied by itself.


You are right... but not all high GI foods would have same effect plus when we take a meal, it is along with protein or fat mostly which also affects GI of total food we take ultimately affecting our blood sugar spikes also.

This small excerpt from the link u provided in yr profile of UK website...

Glycaemic index looks at foods in isolation, whereas we tend to eat carbohydrates as part of meal. Things, such as cooking methods, ripeness of fruits and vegetables and the fat or protein content of a meal will affect the glycaemic index of a food.

It's important to note that if you were to restrict yourself to eating only low GI foods, your diet is likely to be unbalanced and may be high in fat and calories, leading to weight gain and increasing your risk of heart disease. It's important not to focus exclusively on GI but to think about the balance of your meals, which should be low in fat, salt and sugar and contain plenty of fruit and vegetables.

I have experienced that same food spikes more in the morning but less in noon time and in the evening, spike is in between the two. Just try measuring PPBS levels after 2 hours of eating same food in almost same amount in morning, noon and evening. It will be different.


Yes; I don't agree with everything Diabetes UK write "if you were to restrict yourself to eating only low GI foods, your diet is likely to be unbalanced and may be high in fat" for instance. Well, it may be higher in natural fat, and that's not unbalanced nor a bad thing!

Also, a BBC programme recently looked at how acid (vinegar) affected the Gi of foods, and it didn't make a big difference. Fat and protein slow digestion, but low Gi is always going to be slower than high Gi.


I know, you are absolutely right. Low GI foods would be the most preferable for all of us no doubt about it. But, there are some medium GI foods like grains/beans/legumes/fruits (like bananas, mango)...which we can't avoid totally for lifetime. We can add that to our diet sparingly and enjoy that too. Avoid high GI foods...ofcourse....but eating it once in a while in very small amounts along with protein and fat won't damage us for sure!:-)

Have a good day!


Concerned have you reviewed the KETO diet no carb, low starch veggie's, meat grass fed free range, fish for example Salmon Pacific fresh caught, cheeses, milk and products, high quality the best , butter. My husband follows this diet 100% and has for 2yrs lost 60lbs. I maintain do have some carb's for health issue's. Take a look it is very interesting seems you already follow a great deal of the plan. A Keto cook book could give you some great idea's. Egg omelets with meat and cheese,you can have ton's of bacon. The diet loves fat, interesting and his fat has melted away. He does exercise know getting around that corner and we are speaking of a 62 yr old man. He is now in the best health of his life since his twenties and chasing children. Second wife here did not have mine until my late 20's-college first.


I am aware of keto-diets cherv. It's important to note that ketosis can occur with high protein or high fat diets, but a high protein diet is not healthy.

I found going on a very low carbohydrate diet didn't suit me because I depleted my glycogen too soon (I run, cycle and do weight training for example). You can argue I didn't stay with it long enough to become keto-adapted, but the Perfect Health Diet outlines that we have an optimal intake for carbohydrate (it's just been overemphasised).

I mention this because if someone intends to eat some carbohydrate, the body drops out of ketosis very quickly, potentially causing the problems of glycogen depletion again. That means anyone who does intense activities must be resolved in remaining in ketosis, or have sufficient carbohydrate, though not as much as is traditionally advocated.

BTW, I wouldn't have tons of bacon because it is cured with sugar and usually contains preservatives. Also, too much protein is easily converted to glucose with harmful side-products including urea, uric acid, and ammonia that then stress the body.


My husband remains in ketosis, he now so deep into ketosis eating some carb's does not even bother him. He traditionally does not touch them. I eat mainly in accordence but must have carb's for health reasons so in agreement this diet is not for everyone.

He has became so healthy on it and now exercises 6 days a weight, dropping 60lbs. His colon issues has gone clear scopes. Bacon we buy range free, sugar free no preservatives. One must know your butcher for grain free grass fed beef, pure pig products, lamb free range we buy ours from Spain. We have lot's of veggie's non starchy mostly though I'll cook individual if I want. Always up for Shrimp Risotto. He does travel on business a few days a week I had to teach several years ago when he started eating out how to order he's meal He was paying for them well company he had a big account for meals. Told him he to order a meat or fish veggie and side salad, dressing on side oil and vinegar. Then he studied and found the Keto he is very educated as I we make healthy meal choices. Do thank you for your help some would dice into and be clueless to the factors. Also it's important for a doctor to know that you have made this life style change, so when any testing is done they are aware. As of last physical he was in his best shape and health.

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