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My second attempt week 1πŸ˜‡

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Hi everyone. This is my second attempt at this so I'm hoping to find support from the community. Like most people I love food, cooking and don't exercise as much as I this time next year I'd love to be at a healthy weight and for exercise to be a normal part of my life.

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Snap I joined this last year then stopped following it. I really find motivation hard when you are doing it on your own and I don't have any friends that I can buddy up with. Hopefully we can help each other

Well I'll certainly do my best to support you jodyelliott I've tried most diets but in all, they have motivation willing, we'll get to where we want to be and feel good! I'm not brilliant when it comes to social media and technology so I'm hoping I can navigate my way back to this site lol πŸ˜‚ the only thing that annoys me most is having to count calories in fruit and veg.....only because the diets I've done previous you don't count them! I'll get over it though. I'm hoping after a few weeks it'll become second nature! I haven't quite started today yet...... wish me luck😡

Hi good luck I am sure that you will be ok. I am following the new mediterranean way of eating as it gives the food that I like amd there are do many countries that you can follow their recipes.

Mediterranean is the way to go! Lovely olives, olive oil, fish, fresh vegetables..... the list is endless and yummy! Well done you....great choice! I love Greek food but I'm trying to cut the calories in a moussaka without losing the gorgeousness😩I'm gonna try 5% mince beef instead of lamb...that should cut out millions of calories I'm thinking😁

I don't eat red meat so not a problem for me. I use 2% turkey mince. I have just signed up for the winter solstice challenge see if i can loose 12 lbs by the end date!

Hey that's worth a try! Turkey mince instead πŸ˜‰ I may just give that a go! I'll have a look at the winter solstice challenge.... motivation!!!!I think we all need a challenge! By the way my lunch tomorrow is definitely Mediterranean..... mozzarella,pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, baby leaf salad, basil leaves, bit of pasta and a drizzle of olive oil..... beautiful! Just need to count my calories😏 onward and downward hey....ha!

Nom nom. My lunch is a nutribullet as I like to do two lunches a week as smoothies but dinner is red pepper with feta and pine nuts and salad. The challenge now is to find warmer meals now winter coming. I bought a tagine yesterday so that I can cook some moroccan veggie dinners I can then just put some meat on for husband of he objects to much!

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My sentiments also trial & error it's good to know that I'm the only one fumbling about '

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Your really not on your own on here everyone is so supported come on each day and tell people how you feel that helps you will get some great advise all the best Kim xxx

*Down with the weight I mean!

Yes hopefully I haven't lost a pound since January so really hoping that this additional motivation cam help me. Hormones not helping as perimenopausal and very up and down at the moment which is another reason to sort weight out so that I can cope better with things to comeπŸ˜ πŸ˜•

Oh dear jodyelliott! Perimenopause is the absolute bane of my life! my heart goes out to you! It's a struggle coping with all the different symptoms isn't it. I gave in eventually and opted for the dreaded HRT.....not everyones choice but its working for me up to now! Your Dinner today sounds as gorgeous as mine and like the idea of the moroccan tagine.....another one of my favourites :-) have a great day and let's both focus on counting calories instead of the dreaded menopause! ;-)

I'm fumbling about also but We'll get there .

We are not alone Mo1944 .....I keep trying and hoping one of these days it'll click! I've gone over my calories already today! Cooked 2 salmon fillets, was going to save the other for tomorrow, went back to the kitchen and ate almost all of the second one! I'm telling myself at least it was a healthy nibbleπŸ˜₯ I will not be cooking in batches from now on! Too tempting!

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