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Also for weight loss NHS

Also for weight loss NHS

I had an omelette this morning. I got coconut oil but the spray light. Added tomatoes yellow peppers, I've been trying out the new seasonings from mingle and had 2 whole meal hobis toast.

Ive meal prepped all my lunches so today for My lunch it consists of brown rice, yellow peppers, tomatoes , cucumbers and baked chicken with seasonings and I've added a picture of my lunch with another pint of glass of water 😱😊 since I've been drinking so much water my skin has become a lot clearer and people have noticed in a very good way as well as the weight loss so 😄

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Hi nsidra,

That looks like a very tasty lunch. Great to hear that you've noticed a difference in your skin clarity, and that people are noticing that as well as your weight loss progress. Really great. :-)

Lowcal :-)


What is also a plus is that you are taking an interest in your own health - and cooking in general. Kind of a healthy hobby!! - a much better hobby than many people have. Your picture looks very appetizing and delicious!


Good tip about the water I will drink more now

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