Which are you warned mostly about?

Not to follow a low carb, higher fat eating plan because "there is no evidence that it is safe" (putting aside that evidence is mounting that it is) or not to follow a high-glycaemic/high protein eating plan for which there is evidence it will impair your health?


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  • Hi,

    i want to write my experience so far, just in short form,

    After 4 years of discovering 'healthly eating'. I dont have the prof, when I can say "this is healthy for us or this/that you cannot eat becasue is is unhealtly...

    After that long time, i did lot of mistakes and still i am doing them. I have gone vegan/vegetarian one year, regulary eating (4-6 time a day, like fittnes industry do it - at our country). Everything from this stuff wasnt for me, becasue it was very resricting. And when you feel the Restriction in long term, there isnt something OK.

    last 2 year i have tried low carb-ketogenic diet, most of thing in my live have gone better. but still there is something to improve and still i feel that i am doing something wrong.

    Before 2 years, i have created warned dogma in my head about fats, then i broke it and created the next block in my head about carbs avoiding. Now i am working on break it. Its really easy to create some bad pattern. You know, i think this is the run for a long way.

    Everything is individual, i think, you have to belive nobody, just yourself and be sincere to self. Dont lie to self. It isnt really easy.

    I found out that its not about diets like vegan, paleo, low carb, high carb etc. But they have provided me something good and bad. Sometimes i am confused at all but when i compare my state before 4 years and now, it is really the big shift in this way. I am not giving up and I am not stading on one way. To make changes and do experiment with yourself, than gain some self-feedback is probably right way. And to do it repeatable. To do not stay on one way :).

    I wish you all the best.


  • I believe that we need to eat those things that people have been eating for thousands of years - vegetables, fruits, meats of all kinds, fish, berries, melons , carbohydrates ( all cultures/societies are based around carbohydate staple foods - Asians rice, Europeans, wheat, American Indians corn, etc.) BUT - not too much of any of these things . Modern western people have a large supply and source of food - probably larger and more plentiful that any other peoples ever. So we simply eat and drink too much!!!! I am 70YO and I can remember my parents - they were simple people who did not eat anywhere near as much as we do today . They did not go to restaurants or have "take-away" food - they did not eat modern sugar loaded breakfast cereals nor drink sodas!! They did not drink alcohol on a regular daily basis. They did not buy ready made cakes in the supermarkets - they did not even have supermarkets!! Today we just eat and drink too much of everything - and really we are simply trying to continue this pattern while we try out different fad diets. Hi-fat, lo-fat,etc. Just simply stop eating and drinking so much!!!!!!!

  • Your assertion that all cultures are based around carbohydrate staple foods helps to explain why there is a global obesity epidemic. It's alright saying don't eat too much, but obesity rates have escalated over the last forty years; have two thirds of the population just decided to become gluttons and sloths?

    The USDA is responsible for food health in the USA, and agricultural commerce. Currently they've got the balance wrong, and we in the UK just followed suit as usual.

    I'm sorry you think that controlling your weight will cure your heart disease, because the truth is that different foods affect our hormones differently, and those that cause fatty liver and lead to insulin resistance leave us susceptible to chronic illness. If we aren't overweight, we get told it's hereditary.

    I don't have heart disease as my parents did because I don't eat the high-glycaemic sugar, potatoes, bread, rice, etc. they did ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/246... .

    The fruit we have has been genetically selected for its sweetness, and is not what our evolutionary ancestors would have eaten cbc.ca/news/world/bananas-b... .

  • "have two thirds of the population just decided to become gluttons and sloths? "

    Yes!!!! Maybe not decided consciously - but certainly decided to avail themselves of the plentiful food available over the last 40 or so years. Have you ever seen the soda shelves in the Supermarkets - or the sugar sweets, the rows of beer and cakes, etc :)

    The different cultural carbohydrate based staple diets that I refer to go way back many hundreds and even thousands of years further than the past post World War 2 era.

    Potatoes ??? I don't think that there were many obese Irish people in the early to mid 19th century. However, I agree with you about low/high glycaemic foods - certainly better to base our diets around low GI foods - but those Frenchmen do love their high GI baguettes??? :)

  • Hi insulin levels cause visceral fat. It doesn't always result in being overweight; you can have TOFI: Thin on the outside, Fat on the Inside. That's why I started this post. People have been warned to lower their fat intake for years because of its high calorie intake, but it is relatively inert compared to the insulin spiking effects of high-glycaemic carbs.

    Fructose is even worse. It glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose. It has to be processed by the liver, so if liver glycogen stores are full causes visceral fat to emanate, resulting in fatty liver, dislipidaemia and insulin resistance.

  • BTW - you say that you don't have any heart disease - have you had a Calcium Score CT test?? I didn't have any CVD either - after running a Half - Marathon 6 weeks ago - until I decided to have a Calcium Score test solely for the sake of curiosity. :(

  • Yes. My wife wanted me to see what eating all this double cream, cheese and crackling is doing to me. I have a score of zero at 51 years old.

  • Very good - unfortunately - I have a score of 600 at age 69!! I already exercise - so all I can do is to be honest with myself and examine those things which I know I have had too much of over the last 30 years and to take statins for the high LDL cholesterol. Coffee, alcohol, red meat -- and replace all high GI carbs with low GI ones ( I quite like oats and barley) I will definitely not be eating loads of animal fat. There are many vegetable fats.

  • As long as you are referring to natural fats such as coconut, avocado and olive oil. We didn't have the technology to extract corn oil or seed oils until the end of the 19th century, and yet we are told they are better for us than animal fats that our digestive system evolved with for millions of years. My health is evidence of the nonsense of this myth, but I'm just anecdotal.

    There are some health professionals that are dissatisfied with current guidelines phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...

  • They tell you this - and they tell you that!!! They do small studies of incredibly complex human body systems - so complex that they understand only a miniscule amount - and come up with a statistical analysis which relates only to a population as a whole and not to an individual. Go ask any medico what heart beats per minute you should raise during exercise - and they will starting working with a formula that says your maximum heartrate is 220-age - a broad generalisation from a "study" from the 1960's which was only ever meant to be a rough approximation to be applied to large groups - whereas each individuals maximum heartrate is unique to them - certainly it goes down with increasing age but not to any valid mathematical formula. Each person is one-off.

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