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B-Day soon and hoping to eat b-day cake without any guilt, is that even possible ?

So my birthday is coming soon and I'm hoping not to feel guilty when celebrating my birthday. Sadly i will be alone, because my family is away and my friend lives in another town to me, so will be taking her and her family some cake the next day at uni.

I will be getting cake from my favourite bakery and I want to eat more than cake but i will keep it to moderate eating, and instead of sunday being my treat meal day i will bring that to sunday so eating what i want but moderately, just confused in what to do and if i should just indulge or keep it moderate or not, this has been worrying more than stressing me out :( :( :(

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Happy birthday, perhaps eat moderately for a couple of days, perhaps on your actual birthday, and the following weekend, ENJOY it and don't feel guilty about some birthday treats x


Enjoy your birthday, don't feel guilty, have a few trests but just be mindful 😊 Only eat things you REALLY like, and perhaps have half then half later 😊

Have a lovely birthday 😊🎉🎂❤️


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