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So gutted i wasn't able to eat breakfast due to my fault, apart from not having tuna, i had a satisfying lunch

Today i ate boiled potatoes and a egg with chicken and felt happy. I wanted to add tuna instead of chicken and this is for lunch but i couldn't find it as it was shop brought in a tin and i couldn't remember where i put it :(. So this will be my lunch and top it with fat free yoghurt, yummy :)

I woke up late and didn't have breakfast, so gutted. i was going to have oatmeal, just cheap oats instead of quaker oats, cooked in semi skimmed milk, flavoured with a bit of honey, a drizzle :) and to top it of with flack seeds, chia seeds etc.

My aim is to wake up early tomorrow and first ting is to have that delicious breakfast I'm planning in my head right now, can't wait :).

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