Went grocery shopping today

Today i went grocery shopping, so pleased that i found broccoli, white cabbage, and aubergine and so cite to cook them, the healthy way. Got it all cheaper. I'm thinking of taking up eating kale so very excited about that. Best item from my shopping was the flack seeds, a packet with all kinds of seeds that you can put on your breakfast, so I've decided that il b having oatmeal with this topping so looking forward to that. Thinking of having over night oats but who knows il try it both ways.

I needed red and yellow peppers and couldn't find them :( , reduced fat cheese was the same and coconut oil :(.

Oh, I also brought Rye bread , for the first time and i hated it. I couldn't stomach eating it all. Took a few bites but had to throw the rest of the slice away. Im very adamant that I'm going to finish the complete packet, but have no clue what is the best way that rye bread can be eaten without feeling sick :( , any tips would be very appreciated.

I brought baby potatoes but now i feel that i might of made a mistake. Please comment below and tell me if it was the right decision or not. Im the worse kind of panicking person. So tomorrow i am going for another shopping trip so then il be able to get all the healthy yummy items i need for a healthy week.


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  • Hi Nsidra,

    Let me know which you prefer when you do the 'overnight oats' versus the regular oats, as I am also thinking of trying to do an 'overnight oats' recipe I spotted - the recipe suggested soaking the oats in coconut milk, and adding some seeds. Sounded quite nice. Not tried it yet, but will definitely think about doing so.

    Hope you enjoy your Kale - as I can see you're excited to be eating some of that.

    I know you're wondering about whether buying baby potatoes was a good idea or not. Do you know what your concern about that is?

    Hope you're having a good day.

    Lowcal :-)

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