Need a boot up the backside!!!!!

Be as brutal as you want, i need a kick up the bot.

Despite posting in various groups asking about healthy diet and excercise around a week ago, I have failed miserably so far lol. I mean the eating part hasnt been so bad, apart from the works buffet i had Tuesday and leftovers of it from yesterday and then a toffee crisp and fizzy pop...

I have only taken the dogs out twice despite planning on getting up earlier on a morning to take her out for my gran. my alarm goes off and i seriously cannot be bothered to get up and end up just switching my alarm off.

i have a weekend event in 10 weeks time and am now planning to go away in 3 months time and wanted to lose as much weight as i could for both. and i just have no motivation.

fire away! i need some help ha ha...

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  • Hiya..

    Words of encouragement may help from people like us. However, what really needs to happen is for you to REALLY want this enough to see the new YOU.

    Do you want to be this person, or the person you want to be?

    You know the rules:

    Eaton less and Exercise more

    = weight loss and more energy...

    Of course it's not easy to lose weight. Especially if you like food and not exercising.

    So .... it is not really about 'motivation' but more about a life style choice....a 'change for life' my friend....a change to become the new you!

    We are all routing for you...

    Come on....make the change....


  • Don't be so hard on yourself, you have made the first step by reaching out for advice. I agree with what rising sun said about you have to really want to change & only you can get your head around that. Are you having enough sleep? Drink water before a meal, introduce nuts & dried fruit to snack on weigh these usually about 25 gs of each is about right & maybe satisfy your sweet tooth. Be inspired by other people on here too. Good luck & get walking the dogs it"s good for them too Put your head phones on listen to some music with a beat to it so this should encourage you to walk faster, 😊

  • Well as long as you keep repeating that negative self talk your subconcious will ultimately fulfill your wish to not make changes for the better. Often it is not failure that we fear but actually living up to our own brilliance. Perhaps if you concentrate on the beauty of who your are and live for something bigger than yourself the rewards will come and the need to be self distructive will be put into perspective. So stop whining and do one thing good each day and before you know it you've done 10 and build the beautiful you and life you imagine. Goal setting is a very steps and breath! Big breath before you take that fizzy and the urge will go trust me. Plus try having a fizzy but make it a clear seltzer or soda or bubbly mineral water with lime option. Because you are worth it!

    I also enjoy positive hypnotism. Good luck enjoy the process. It feels great getting health!


  • Find something that does motivate you. Mine was to get back into horse-riding which I love, and am now doing again. You need something in your life to get the adrenaline going, so you leap out of bed and rush through your chores because there is somewhere you would rather my case, down the farm with the horses, but you might prefer to cycle, climb a hill, play golf, fly a plane, swim sub-aqua...? What is it that gets you feeling excited? The weight loss process then becomes easy because you just have to do it to make your life great!

  • Yes, some people can be persuaded, some can be pushed and some need to be shoved. Don't be a pussycat! Your first task is to beat yourself (not beat yourself up).

    Incentive is your reason for doing something - motivation is what makes you do it!

    I say that if your reason is really worthwhile that you should have purpose, intention and passion (not obsession) in order to complete your goal.

    I am one for knowing my ultimate goal but believe that my goal will take care of itself if I ensure that the STEPS I have planned are actually carried out. When your alarm goes off - GET UP! That WAS your plan, wasn't it? Bite that bullet and make it a habit.

    Success is achieving whatever you set out to do! So if you plan and do step one of that plan, you can tick it off and go to step two and so on. Write it down and enjoy the ticks every day!

    For 25 years I was a runner in England. I am so proud of myself for the number of times I saw it was cold and windy outside, was sitting comfortably in my armchair quietly dozing but knowing I was due for a training run of 10 miles!! I put on my shorts etc and went out and did my run. On returning I felt fantastic, was surprised at my pathetic feelings before going out. My body was in great shape and I always had a smile that said to my weaker side, "Yes, I beat you!

    I want you to set your alarm and get up. Then carry out your plan of activity. Reply to me and tell me you did it! Regards from Chris in sunny Thailand

  • Thank you! I did get up in good time this morning, however, not on the first alarm i had originally set. So i will set it tomorrow morning, and i WILL get up lol! I will have to as I start my new job tomorrow so need to get into the habit of getting up early so i can get there in time. dont want to make a bad impression now do i.

    Will try it tomorrow and will let you know! Thanks again


    p.s very jealous youre in thailand! lol. enjoy!

  • I find that if I absolutely do have to get up on time I put the alarm at the other side of the room. I can reset the one on the bedside table but my arms just cannot stretch to the other one! After a few days of this I am back into better habits - I wish. 😎😳

  • Ask yourself why you have no motivation. It could be that you do not value yourself enough. Get some supplements from a good source, such as Higher Nature. They have a panel of nutrition experts, all for free (the advice)? They are based in Sussex. Go on give it a go!

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