Using Kratom Tea to Get a Pleasant Buzz

Using Kratom Tea to Get a Pleasant Buzz

A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.Eleanor Roosevelt

Are you looking for a way to increase your work output and concentration in the mid-afternoon? Kratom tea may be the best tea you can imagine for a pleasant buzz and a boost of focus laced with clarity.

A brief review of Kratom

Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, etc.). Botanically it is in the same family as the coffee tree. However, the leaves of kratom have been used as an herbal drug since ancient times by peoples of Southeast Asia, especially in the treatment of diarrhea, as a painkiller or a recreational drug. It was first mentioned and described in western history in the early 19th century by Pieter Willem Korthals, a botanist who worked for the East India Company. (

Ingesting Kratom – 2 ways

People who wish to ingest Kratom normally do it in one of two ways. They either drink it in orange juice or a wide variety of other liquids such as: milk, sports drinks, smoothies, protein shakes, or even a virgin Bloody Maryor

They make it into a tea.

Many report that it is very difficult to keep a constant consistency of effect when using the above various to camouflage the rather bitter taste of Kratom. However, the use of Kratom tea is highly acclaimed.

If you are a tea connoisseur or even if you are not, you might Google some of the newest ways in which teas are steeped. I have a glass teapot by Bodun, available on Amazon, which works well for loose herbal teas or tea bags. It has it’s own infuser basket; thus tea bags are not needed.

Fixing tea can be a simplistic exercise. After all, one only needs boiling water, tea, and a cup to serve it in. This basic explanation of tea making excludes the myriads of possibilities for making a good, presentable cup of tea. One must always be prepared to avoid the undrinkable, bitter tea, which can result from poor tea making.

Some people enjoy making their own tea bags. Many sites on the web explain and show how to do this. Of course, you can simply buy Kraton already packaged in tea bags, but in the US that is not possible. You can buy empty tea bags, generally in a package of 100, and fill your own. Before you orderKratom,you will need to know which strain you prefer and what potency or dosage. This site offers a variety of tea bags in different strains.

Juice ingestion vs. Tea ingestion

If you mix theplant matter – leaves -with juice or other liquids some you may experience:

•A sore or bloated stomach from all the juice mixed with enough plant matter to be effective

•Constipation, especially if you drink it three days in succession

•Recommendations suggest only using this method one to three times per week.

~~~~On the other hand~~~~

•Tea has no adverse side effects (other than it does tend to blunt hunger; so it’s good for dieters.)

•Preparation of a good tea takes time; so you need to plan ahead.

Making Kratom Tea

To properly steep <a href=""> Kratom tea </a>, it will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Kratom needs water boiling at a high temperature in order to break down its leaves and release the nutrients it offers. You can brew a big batch at a time and then store it in the refrigerator until you want another cup. Simply reheat and enjoy. Some prefer Kratom as an iced tea, so don’t dismiss that option as a possibility until you at least try it.

Tea is also a sort of spiritual refreshment, an elixir of clarity and wakeful tranquility. Respectfully preparing tea and partaking of it mindfully create heart-to-heart conviviality, a way to go beyond this world and enter a realm apart. No pleasure is simpler, no luxury cheaper, no consciousness-altering agent more benign. ~James Norwood Pratt


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2 Replies

  • interesting...I'll be doing some research on this tea as I've been on a tea kick. Thanks.

  • What a load of sexist nonsense. Whilst some women may thrive under pressure, others will be great strategists, and many will see through this advert.

    "Tea has no adverse side effects" that are broadcast; it's a stimulant; most people drink it for its stimulant effect. Stimulants cause vascular constriction leading to hardened arteries, along with raised insulin/IGF-1 levels that narrow artery linings.

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