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What do you like to eat for breakfast?

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Hey everyone!

I have been trying to improve my diet recently and have been looking at different breakfast options. Normally I just go for something easy, like jam on toast or similar but I know that this isn't especially good for me. I was wondering what everyone else has for breakfast that is healthy. What can I make that is quick and easy, tastes good and of good nutritional value?

Any you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated

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bigleg's scrambled eggs, great with a bit of freshly ground black pepper but porridge does it for me most Winter days: 40g porridge oats, water on my Fast Day or skimmed milk if not, bring to boil and simmer 1 min stirring, remove from heat and stand for 1 min. Done.

I do have a slice of my own wholemeal bread toasted some mornings for variety - we need some carbs!

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Divided in reply to victoria-plum

No we don't!

You need carbs if you're exercising, but most British people are too sedentary to need any at all.

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victoria-plum in reply to Divided

Apologies Divided, I was writing from personal viewpoint as I have a very active lifestyle - I should have specified complex carbohydrates for the glycogen. When you find something that works for you, it's easy to forget that we're all so different!

I love poached egg with ryvita's. Or poached egg on a slice of toast with spinach on. I'd also have tinned plum tomatoes on toast with a dash of either worcester sauce or tobasco sauce. I love Special K with a sliced banana or berries on top. Skimmed milk.

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If I have toast then I have sourdough toast (home made from scratch - it's literally just flour, water, and salt) or rye sourdough toast (home made again) with a bit of butter and marmite.

If I fancy cereal then a bowl of porridge with fresh raspberries or blueberries, or a bowl of muesli - I weigh the portions out first though as it's hard to judge by just eyeing it. I use semi-skimmed milk as a) skimmed milk is basically a form of torture and b) there's evidence to suggest skimmed milk contributes to weight gain. As long as you're not downing pints of semi skimmed, it's perfectly healthy as part of a balanced diet.

And sometimes we'll go out for breakfast so I'll have eggs benedict with smoked salmon and spinach - nice as a treat!

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Hi. I put 50gms rolled oats and 20gms sultanas in a bowl, top up with water and leave to soak overnight. Next morning I add some milk (sorry can't be more specific on moisture, depends on the oats and the raisins), then microwave on full power, uncovered for 4 minutes. I like porridge for breakfast, as I like more protein for lunch. But I have been known to have the porridge for lunch and a poached egg on toast - yes sourdough is great, we make our own - for breakfast.

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thinlizzyIwish123 in reply to Silvergirl14

I'd love to give the sourdough a try - may I have the recipe?

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Silvergirl14 in reply to thinlizzyIwish123

The link didn't work Google Laura Hart's Sourdough recipe.

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I use a recipe which I got from the newspaper. Here's the link.If it gets blocked let me know. I am on my third year with the yeast culture I made from scratch.


Otherwise, Allinson's have a good recipe for a yoghourt starter for sourdough.But I can't find it online. It's on the back of one of their flours, strong white bread flour, I think.

Keep trying, it's well worth it, and very authentic.

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Sometimes I eat natural yoghurt with a few blueberries on the side. Yeo Valley is my favourite.

If I'm in a hurry, I have a banana and a glass of milk. It's more filling than it sounds, I promise!

Other than that, I have a Lizi's Granola addiction. I know it has fructose in it and will therefore make me hungry quicker than porridge but I really can't resist the stuff. It's lower sugar than Special K and all the other cereals and is completely delicious. Make sure you don't have too much, though. I serve mine in a tea cup so I can't overdo it.

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Porridge oats with Greek yoghurt, sunflower seeds, dates ,banana, and a drizzle of honey, keeps me full till lunch

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Just Cereals...... whole grain cereals and coffee.... makes my day, actually you can add your favorite fruits on cereals ... simple and easy yet healthy, (well besides the coffee) just replace that with fresh juice if you like.

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Cooked quinoe, fruit of choice, a few nuts for texture and coconut yoghurt.

Roasted veg, eggs and herb of choice. Place in silicone muffin pan and cook in oven for about 10 mins at 180. Serve 2 as a portion with fresh girdled tomatoes.

Roasted portobello mushrooms topped with quinoe stuffing. I add what I fancy to the quinoe, place mixture on top of the mushroom, grate a small amount of cheese on top and cook in oven.

Whole wheat wrap. Top half the wrap with spring onions, thinly sliced red peppers sweet corn and cheddar cheese (reduced fat) fold in half and brown in a dry frying pan on a medium heat.

One ounce of sugar free muesli, chopped mango and plain Greek yoghurt. Mix all together and enjoy.

1slice toasted rye bread topped with half a mashed advocacy and a poached egg.

Revivals tipped with banana and a drizzle of honey.

Dry fry onions and mushrooms and add to scrambled egg.

Try and enjoy.

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Natural healthy vegetables food item is always i preferred in my daily breakfast.

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I mostly eat eggs with breads, Milk and cereals which is full of nutrition. Sometime I also take yoghurt, oats and Fruits in my breakfast. This will really boost me up for whole day with lots of energy.

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start off my day with a glass of warm water with one full organic lemon spueezed in. Sometimes a bit of the rind grated in when Im feeling ambitious :)

About 30 mins later I eat one raw carrot salted with himalayan pink salt, for thyroid health, and to absorb excess estrogen which is harmful.

then about an hour later I have one soft boiled egg with salt pepper and one small avocado (also a tsp to tbs of coconut purée usually before or after the egg breakfast)

one or two brazil nuts for selenium, and that’s usually the start of my day (within the first two to three hours- my appetite is not super hearty upon awakening anyway)

Oh yeah and Lions mane in hot water.



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I usually make a poached egg if I have bit more time but normally fried egg using extra virgin olive oil then avocado mashed and lots of boiled spinach and bit of sourdough bread to fuel me up. Xx

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