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What’s your favourite main meals this Autumn/Fall? Multiple choice poll.

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I love a nice chunky soup, stews and casseroles and last but not least a lovely roast as I especially love roast potatoes. 😊

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Spot on Jerry, I do love a good roast, casseroles and thick chunky soups to

Just come in after being on garden since 9am. Slow cooker with Turkey curry smells glorious.

Beef stew and dumplings, roast beef with Yorkshire Pudding, roast potatoes and vegetables. Apple and sultana pie or crumble with hot custard. Homemade rice pudding. Spotted dick with hot custard.

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What is spotted Dick? Was that a typo?

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Suit pudding with sultana's in. Lovely with custard. Have you ever eaten Faggots?

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No I have not, thanks for your reply.

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My favourites are made by a company called Brains. They used to be located in Bristol and my Dad worked there. The gravy is a special recipe, beautiful.

Sausage stuffed Acorn squash .. also love butternut squash recipes. Another favorite is Aztec chicken soup … loaded with protein !!

To be honest I could have ticked all the boxes, I just love food 😀 Autumn & winter is amazing for casseroles & thick soups with the knowledge that before you know it, we will be back with the yummy spring & summer recipes. I'm definitely an all year round foodie 😂

Chicken stew in instant pot

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West Indian curry -- Trini style. It goes wonderfully with Trinidadian garlic sauce and gluten free chapatis. simplytrinicooking.com/garl...

Beef or lamb stew with dumplings. Roast dinner - chicken, beef (with Yorkshires), lamb or pork.

Scotch broth loaded with veg and split peas

Beef stew and dumplings (home made)


Fish pie and cottage pie. I batch cook so that I always have something healthy and nourishing in the freezer for busy/lazy days.

Homemade Burgers with onion

All of the above and forever more except stuffed pumpkin? Not sure what's stuffed in there, so it depends.

Nothing ushers in cooler nights like a spicy beef/chicken and veggie stew. Eaten with a baguette, no doubt! Lord have Mercy, it's a tastebud's delight!!

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Buttered ordinary bread goes lovely, you can mop out the dish at the end, soaks up the gravy perfectly.

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Now that's what I call a clean up

Oh gosh I seem to have ticked the lot!😊

We eat lots of risottos at this time of year, squash and bacon being a particular favourite, but also a whole mixture of other things, lots of curries, stews, casseroles, tagines, all sorts, Will rarely repeat a meal in any one month. But it’s squash harvesting season, so they do get repeated in different forms quite often.

I love a good chunky veg soup 😂 but since I’m a bit strange …… my favourite meals tend to be salads. Easy to make, endlessly variable and don’t make me ill.

To be honest, i dont often cook same thing twice very often. Whatever i have is usually spicy, thai , indian or korean based with coconut milk, or gochujang, or bean dishes with chilli sauce and tomatoes. I love.beans, lentils, tempeh and tofu , endless variations

Someone further along said they rarely cook the same thing twice. I’m kind of like that, I might cook variations on a theme but rarely the same thing. Soups, stews and casseroles are great winter meals, all vegetables for me. I love mashed potatoes with several veg like cabbage, broccoli and sprouts, with smoked tofu and gravy. It’s warming, filling and makes me feel happy 😊

Lamb stew.

My family and I like my hungarian chicken paprikás with fresh baked bread. Yummy ! 😋

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One pot meals in a huge pan, curries, chili, stews. Big enough for a couple of family meals and a bit left over for the freezer. It’s too hot to cook like that in the summer 😀

Pasta, veggie meatballs in a home made ratatouille sauce with a kick of chilli.

My fav is shepherds pie with a lovely crispy crust but the mince must be good quality as I hate the gristle which I always seem to find.....yum yum yum xx

I'm currently trying to keep to a very low carb way of eating so it's a bit of a learning curve for me this year! I'm managing to keep away from the usual things like Shepherds pie, pasta bakes etc.

What I'm hoping will help me is making a tray of baked vegetables and topped with a piece of salmon fillet or chicken. I keep the leftovers and either eat them cold or add them to a good chicken stock for soup. I make a great 'green soup' from any type of green vegetables using a home made chicken stock, made from roasted chicken thighs which I then boil up to make the stock. I don't often make a roast because of the cost of the meat, but I do enjoy it! Missing the roasties though! I'm still learning a new way of feeding us both. Husband cannot masticate his food so I need to make food that can be liquidised.

Piece of salmon & Dill, poached in milk in microwave and sauce made with cornflour with the milk in a cup in the microwave on reheat and stirred. Have peas and beans or other green veg with it