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Which of these apply to how you see this HealthUnlocked community? Multiple choice poll.

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Hi everyone, our friends at HealthUnlocked HQ tend to get negative feedback when the silent majority of us feel that the HealthUnlocked communities are the safest friendliest and simply the best on social media.

So I for one am proud to be part of the admin support team of this great community so thank you to the HU support team and you our members.

Jerry. 🌈😊

I like how diverse this community is. There is always something that catches your eye to read, comment or support. It's nice how a debate / different ideas can be shared on one thread so somebody has options and more importantly nobody is negative or nasty about the comments put forward, even if they don't agree with them.

Generally I enjoy being a member and the positives outweigh the negatives. It's very reassuring to be able to seek the advice and experience of others in a similar situation and be able to pass on my experiences. Now and again though things get out of hand and some posters can be very hostile. For this reason I had a break from the site for a while around Christmas time.

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PandQs in reply to dunestar

Hi dunestar, that reflects my views too. I voted for enjoy being a member and very supportive, but had to stop short of part of a friendly community because I have seen too much recently from people jumping on other's opinions with hostility.

I ticked them all, but I do have large gaps of when I’m not on because of lack of energy, so probably miss when /if non supporting comments appear. I am still in touch with a friend who did leave this forum some years ago due to something I think she said but that was taken in the wrong way, for some unknown reason. I felt it was a great shame she felt the need to leave. She could have stayed, but decided to go.

Hi there another great poll! I love the fact that you get to get good advice from people who have or are going through what you are going through! Thank you to every on at healthunlocked!

I have been a member for awhile but not got very involved, possibly not taking the time, however I do feel it is a friendly site and feel it is important to recognise and support others where possible. I like there is lots of experience to tap into and I am sure if I asked I would get some good advice back I will be making more of an effort as I believe this is a valuable site 😊

I enjoy learning what other people do and think, and also sharing some of my experience, as I've been on this earth a fairly long time. We can learn so much from each other, and hopefully rub some of our sharp edges off in a community like this.

I agree. I have felt encouraged and motivated by others posting what they are eating with pictures. It has helped me a lot to diversify my diet and fet back on to enjoying eating a healthy diet.

I’ve learned so much that I could never work out for myself, like freezing grapes - who knew they could taste so delicious?

Although not put anything on here for a while, its a very good and helpful site and honest and friendly people and we can share symptoms with each other and help this way, keep up the great work, all you admins and site background people work wonders and thank you all

I have found the community very supportive. In my locality I have not met many other heart patients who have tried as I have to reverse their condition, through researched healthy eating, targeted exercise and stress reduction, so it is great to hear from this community how others tackle these challenges. Six years on from a heart attack, now medication free, but with low BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure, the results of my dietary and lifestyle changes are encouraging...So a huge thank you to Jerry and his colleagues!

Definitely the main support comes from the weightloss community but have joined other communities like this one for new ideas.

I'm a daily poster and browser and have lots of people I consider friends even though I've never met in real life.

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crazyfitnessPWB Guest

Hi Jerry

An excellent poll and I ticked everyone. I feel this is a very good community and feel that the positives far outweigh any negatives.

I'm also part of the IBS forum and that is the reason I joined HU and I received a lot of help from those members of the IBS forum. I've since joined others and feel that most people are on here to help and support each other. I do feel that there is a lot of support from support at HU as if I ever have a technical or any other issue they always reply and are very helpful and friendly.

Thank youπŸŒˆπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

I really like my COPD community, where the comments are mostly witty, friendly, and never negative. I spend a few minutes every so often reading the messages and comments, and polls, from the community. On the critical side, I can mention only minor hitches: I'm a die-hard vegan, because I know from personal experience how healthy and life saving it can be to avoid all animal foods, so I feel bad when I see my fellow forum members extol the delights of animal food recipes, and I was a little disappointed recently reading about the blind enthusiasm with which just about everyone was lining up and running to get the mRNA highly experimental vaccine, which I view as a danger and an "opportunity" for big pharma... but will not say more for fear of being banned...

Great Survey.

I really enjoy being a part of a community.

It has really helped me to see that I'm not alone in the world with my condition.

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Other: learning about the habit of other people and learning about what I think is good for me.I am grateful to the admins as well as to the members.

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This is a wonderful poll, Jerry! :-)

I want to thank the HU Team for all their hard work and dedication to all the groups that are on the entire site and that if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have a lot of the friends I have made over the years and wouldn't feel like I was part of something. Before joining the site, I felt like I was alone, but when I first joined HU, I joined the DRWF group and after 3 months on the group at the time, I had been asked if I wanted to be an Admin.. I enjoy and appreciate what the HU Team does for all of us. :-)

Hi there. I'm not someone who posts a great deal but just wanted to share how much I value being part of the community and learning from the experiences of others. Knowing others are on the same journey with PMR and GCA has really helped me not to feel isolated and been a great help when I have felt overwhelmed and exhausted - which is where I am again right now. For me knowing there it's a community to turn to means so much, thank you everyone.

Hey so I haven't been a member long but I've been made to feel so welcome! The admin are lovely, and I've really appreciated the kind comments whenever I've posted a photo of my meals Thanks so much folks πŸ’