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What are your favourite autumn fruit and veg? multiple choice poll.

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My favourite is apples followed by broccoli, cauliflower plus I love plums and plum jam especially home made. 🍏😊

MSSURVIVOR7 in reply to Jerry

Plums are messy

MSSURVIVOR7 in reply to Jerry

Messy but good


Brussel Sprouts

MSSURVIVOR7 in reply to Kingsmil


ZestStar in reply to Kingsmil

I absolutely LOVE brussels sprouts. Yum!!! :-)

Gymbunny55 in reply to Zest

Me too πŸ‘πŸ‘

I would add other types of winter squash, e.g. butternut, to the pumpkin selection, also marrows, I get a glut of ripening aubergines, peppers and chillies at this time of year too, and the autumn/winter cabbages are just about ready as well.

I just adore being able to eat the fresh vegetables and fruit out of my garden!

pomegranates; damsons; Brussel sprouts

Not swede or turnips, sweet potatoes yum. Also kale, Swiss chard

Butternut squash

Aubergines, preferably in a Lebanese vegetable moussaka!

Leeks...with cheesy sauce or Leek and tatie soup.

Parsnips celeriac leeks brussel sprouts broccoli

Oh how could I forget Runner Beans cooked and bottled for later

Brambles, they freeze well and are a natural accompaniment to apples

Pumpkin is favourite as I cook lots of soups in the winter.

I love all the green leafy veg like cabbage/greens winter also carrots onions

Other fall favorites are Acorn and Butternut squash



Hi Jerry I like whatever I can pick from my garden. Tomatoes, runner beans, courgettes, kale but most all sweet corn which is just about to be perfect, and apples and blackberries as already mentioned.


I'm looking forward to collecting a few apples soon :) and getting a couple of pumpkins to make pumpkin puree for the freezer.

Kitten-whiskersVegan star

I think all of them really. Home made jam, how nice. I really fancy raspberry jam


I love all fruit and veg.

We are still picking autumn raspberries πŸ˜‹

I like squashes as well.

Courgettes marrows, runner beans, kohl rabi, brussel sprouts, tomatoes. I love veg

Brussel Sprouts are my absolute favourite


Tomatoes home grown

Rubber beans

Home made Apple crumble and home made custard

Hello forget Autumn fall times of the Squashes Butternut, Acorn and others.

Also the Mushrooms Kale Cabbage the Calnervo Italian ones...

Brussels are my favourite veg in autumn. But russet apples are my favourite apples.

i love the russet apple and a really hard pear cut up in a salad

this forum has been a real pleasure to be on i do not say much but i love reading others news and comments and recipes

crazyfitnessPWB Guest

Very good poll Jerry. I've chosen Beets, Broccoli/Cauliflower and Swede/Turnips/Sweet Potatoes.😊

Hi I love spinach not sure if that's all year round I get frozen cubes I love butternut squash too my favourite veg if I were marrooned on a island and had to take one would be potato as you can make chips roasts smash jacket it's so versatile so many meals to make with the good old potatoe πŸ˜‹yummy


Love them all!

I eat virtually every day, apple/ pear , plum and broccoli.

Can I give a shout out for oranges. Yes I know they are imported but I always look forward to beautiful navel oranges at this time of the year. Cox Orange Pippins, sprouts, butternut squash.

Chard & spinach still going strong in the garden so making the most of them. Weather beginning to get colder so bring on the casseroles with lots of great veg added!

figs peppers courgettes grated carrots celeriac celery kale sweetcorn whilst fresh ,blackberries mushrooms grapes

I love my fruit and vegetables the only thing I don’t like is kale because of the texture but everyone has got that 1 vegetable they don’t like.

Great survey to encourage healthy eating.

I always look forward to the apple and pear harvest. This year I also looked forward to and enjoyed my golden beetroot harvest ☺️ The next thing I’m looking forward to is when pomelos come into the shops. I adore them.

Apples pears and blackberries from the garden to make crumbles

Still harvesting raspberries and tomatoes and runner beans.

Many thanks. πŸ‘


and corn on the cob