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The grey heron is the new pond resident.

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Hi everyone,

One of my favourites walks is around the local ponds and it's great because we have an escaped domestic goose living by one. They are now a local celebrity and the local pet shop has run out of wild bird food as everyone wants to feed them.

Nature works in wondrous ways, as a grey heron has now realised what a good friend an escaped celebrity goose can be and they are regularly seen side by side and canoodling, the heron is shy of humans whereas the ducks and the goose just let you walk past them when the heron hides behind a tree it is very comical and endearing as they are the same height but the heron is much more slender.

I've been trying to get a photo of them together but the heron is too elusive so I had to settle for this from across the pond.

I think it's great that the ducks are not bothered by their new friends as they all seem to gather in a group by the bank of the pond and seem very amicable. 😊

7 Replies
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Wonderful photo Jerry. What fun you have! Herons are amazing. It’s great when you catch a glimpse of one in flight, they look prehistoric. I’ve never been able to get a decent photo of one. They are so graceful.

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Jerry in reply to Agoodenough

Hey thanks Ali, I photographed it flying across the pond and it does look prehistoric and graceful, so a lovely sight and a treat to see.

Thats fantastic Jerry, the heron is no foul - is it a young one? I can't quite see from the photo. I am so pleased to hear the escaped goose is still there and enjoying freedom and getting fed - Happy Days😁

Hi Debs, I think it is a young heron but it is elusive, it's great because the goose is free, gets fed and so do lots of wild birds, so happy days indeed. πŸ˜€


Great photo and what a lovely story πŸ’•

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Jerry in reply to Caz28

Thank you Caz28 😊 😊

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