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Happy Easter from the duck pond...πŸ¦†

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Hi everyone,

I thought that I'd feed the ducks and If you look carefully to the right you will see George the black Labrador who likes jumping in the water and chasing the ducks and he's already eye balled me feeding them, so he came over leapt in the pond got out and shook himself all over me πŸ’¦ much to his owners amusement so he ran over to her and did the same πŸ’¦ and we were all laughing...😁

Its lovely just going for a walk this lovely sunny weather and when everything is turning green it's even better.

Have a great Easter folks... 😊

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Happy Easter Jerry! I bet George loves cooling off in the pond!

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Jerry in reply to Agoodenough

Happy Easter Ali, I'm sure that he does...😊

Awe! Now, that's cute! :-) We have some dogs in our neighbor's homes on the street who love me and comes running when they see me outside (even when the weather/temps. aren't so nice). You're lucky! :-)

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Jerry in reply to Activity2004

Thanks Leah, I like friendly dogs. 😊

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Activity2004 in reply to Jerry

Same here! :-)

Hi Jerry

I have just spotted George, and it is a lovely relaxing scene.

Zest :-)

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Jerry in reply to Zest

Hi Zest, it is a relaxing place even when George leapt in the pond with a splash but the ducks were phased by his antics for some reason...😊

Sorry to put a damper on this. I volunteer at a country park and in the Spring a lot of nesting birds are frightened off by energetic dogs. Signs are in place asking people to keep their dogs under control but these are ignored. Hope you enjoy the ducks on young pond for a long time to come.

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