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im breaking.... :'(

i feel so helpless rn. and i've been trying to control myself from breaking down. so the problem is my boyfriend has glaucoma and its really bad since we've been round and around this topic a lot but i dont know why its so hard. i know he is going through a lot and i am trying my best to be there for him.. its almost a year to us now and we've gone through a lot in a year but he told me bout his eye problem a few moths ago. he is depressed and says that when he'll go blind everyone will leave him but i'm trying my best to tell him im here... but it seems like he cant see me. i know he wants me but it's really hard for him... we dont know what our future holds but i love him... people might point it out as some teenage high school love but i really love him, he has been there for me in my problems and i've given my all too!! but lately he's been acting really distressed. we have exams.. we have tests to give and so much is going on... and its just really bad. im breaking really bad.. and when i need him to help me he acts so inconsiderate... and im trying my best to be there for him... and its breaking me so bad... i dont know what to do... it just hurts so much and i dont even have friends to open up to and i've almost cut off from everyone.

please help me!!!!

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I am very sorry to hear that your boyfriend is losing his eyesight. That's terrible.

He is understandably distressed and probably panicking and thinking the worse that everybody will leave him. It takes time to come to terms with getting...


Hey Kanika..I'm so happy you're reaching out though. Sorry to hear of all the stress and strain going on right now. It is a lot and it makes sense that I feel overwhelmed. Try to be gentle with yourself and let yourself feel what your feeling....

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