Today - March 3rd - my first day here :)

Positively Hope full Greetings to HealthUnlocked ... I am RealEyes looking to find some online relief to the ongoing challenges to the PTSD in my life. Thanks in advance for any Greetings back from RealEyes ... the good in life. (:

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  • Hi real eyes and welcome to the group. I'm sure you'll find lots of Supporr and some real help from those of us who also have PTSD. Spend some time reading up old posts and also looking around the site. And don't be afraid to post I've found there are no dumb questions here. Everything is valid and someone will respond.

  • THanks Lindyloo53 for your positive and welcoming comments ... it has been an especially tough time around the ptsd response to current losses, etc. I appreciate your suggestions and thanks again :)

  • Hi RealEyes,

    Welcome to the community :-)

  • Thanks Nathalie (:

  • Hi RealEyes.

    Welcome. This community is so supportive. 👍

  • Thank you Ellen6 ...glad to get such a positive response to me being here ! :)

  • You are welcome RealEyes 😀

  • Hi RealEyes welcome to the group! This is a great group full of empathy and understanding to others! If you need support this is the place to be. 😊

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts C :)

  • Welcome to the group RealEyes. A wonderful place for learning and support.

  • Thanks Believe for touching base with me ** :) I am glad to be here and grateful for others who are supportive in these perilous and challenging times. realeyes **

  • RealEyes welcome to the community. This is a safe place to share and I feel so comforted by everyone and I am learning so much about my journey through PTSD. Glad you are here. We are here for you.

  • Yes, I am glad to have taken the risk to be here Willingtoheal ... it is not easy in some ways yet taking the time 'for me' - being here does have a positive effect - especially needed in my life at this time ! It is a learning curve to figure out how to get around on this site so that takes some time, too. Asking for help can be a challenge for me. Thx for taking the time to welcome me and hope we share more in the future. Take good care W n later, re **

  • You are very welcome RealEyes

  • Welcome RealEyes! 🌷

    You can find lots of positive, uplifting information on this site to help you cope and overcome your PTSD symptoms.

    I recently came back on this forum after a two year break because my PTSD symptoms are very challenging right now. I was delighted that quite a few of my old forum friends welcomed me back. We are a very friendly, supportive and compassionate group.

    People who have PTSD, anxiety disorders and depression can understand what we are going through. This helps us feel not so alone and can even help us release the shame we carry around inside ourselves. So I am glad you are reaching out to us in this way.

    WELCOME! 😊


  • Thanks AbideInLove for your welcoming and sharing ... I, too am going thru a bad time with the ptsd symptoms at this time and it is challenging to find others to share without feeling misunderstood, etc. So, here I am. Glad to have found this site as i have been looking for one for awhile.

    I find your comment about 'release the shame we carry around' is really important to me as shame is so hard to work with, etc. Glad for the reminder and i will go check out the 'shame' posts.

    Hope we 'chat' again AbideInLove and glad you are back here after your time off. take good care of your self and plz contact me again if you want to connect. Enjoy your day, re **

  • I am glad you found us too! I look forward to reading your posts and supporting each other in our healing process.


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