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Selfish ? Vent

I had surgery. 3 weeks ago abdominal. I have herniated discs in neck pinched nerve & my back. I drove 5.5 hrs stopping super focused to get myself to my sisters to sleep on my way home. I get there she's tired doesn't want to make dinner. I said I can't cook your dinner I'm too tired. They cooked bacon & eggs I'm allergic to eggs. There was literally no food in the fridge to make a supper. I had to get up go out buy supper. Upon return I just served my takeout dat down went to that get through it place be grateful you can go to bed relax place. She starts crying I'm like ... Ugh. I'm like you seem to be having an issue I thought she felt ashamed of herself. But no .... She starts crying about her work. Going on about it. I'm literally hardly able to concentrate. Tired. I still help her with her issue omg.

About 3 hours later she asks about my surgery. That took 3 min. I find out no milk for breakfast. I can't eat eggs for breakfast no bread. These people have three floors three decks & a putting green. In financial state but don't rent out their spare rooms or second job.

I felt like I would have had more relaxation at a hotel. I'm broke I'm months from being homeless & I can't work. Going bald from stress yet I can manage to help her.... Never again!!! Ever. How can someone really be like that to someone like me ... It's insane.

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I hear u and understand to the point i can because of my situation.

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I'm SO SORRY you had to go through this!! It's shocking and appalling how your sister treated you!!

I can relate because I've had encounters with my family in slightly similar circumstances but never in the dire circumstances you were in! Her behavior is unbelievable and I don't know how people are so self centered, self absorbed and oblivious to anyone else's needs other than their own!

Sounds like a hotel would have been much more relaxing for you but I can understand the financial constraints. I'm so sorry your family couldn't be there for you the way you deserved.

I hope you continue to heal from your surgery and recover as well as possible.

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Thank you for your responses. It is hard. I cried a lot from stress. Didn't help my health. I just thought. There will be no next time. Not by myself.

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