Heal My PTSD
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Affirmations...feel free to suggest!:)

- You know your body and yourself better than anyone else. Tune in and believe in you.

- Acknowledge patterns that are no longer working. Knowledge is power. Change comes from acknowledgement.

-Only thoughts of kindness to yourself deserve attention and serve you. You deserve good things like anyone else who lives kindly. Breathe deeply and proudly.

- What is in my head belongs to me & only my thoughts belong there & are in control of me.

- I can create my own thought at ANY moment.

- You are safe and you are loved & you deserve to love YOURSELF.

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Wonderful affirmations...thanks for sharing.


those are good. I have to remind myself over and over, I am safe. And it helps to hear it too. So thank you. ' I can create my own thought at any moment,' that is powerful.

I say to myself, "I can do all things through Christ (God) who strengthens me.

And"if God be for us, who can be against us?"

I remind myself that this moment is all there is and I try to tell myself all is ok in this moment.

About to start work with a cognitive trauma therapist who does EMDR, maybe she will teach me a bunch of stuff, I imagine she may.

Right now, I feel scared, some shaky, so I am just trying to say to myself, I will be ok, it will be ok, I am safe. I can handle all these things, one at a time only though.

I deserve love and compassion, forgiveness, so I try to give it to myself and to others, as so do others.

When I get scared like this, what else is there to say to self except, I am safe??

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Wow that's really awesome. Yet again you have shared amazing words. I love your comments contributions.

Yes I need to say I am safe too & I'm loved & deserving. I have to remind myself "I" matter & certain attachments do not serve me. I am still me without them & some of them I should do without lol!!


After all the insanity I have been through I am having difficulty believing I am safe.


I know the feeling well. I go through that often daily then it subsides when I am not overloading myself & dealing with life in a calmer manner. That's what I notice.

I think we get in hyper arousal state .. Well we do and suppress to deal it adds up.

Maybe we should be acknowledging that at this VERY moment we are not in imminent danger. We are not having a gun to our heads or in the middle of a burning house. Our minds just go there it's not actually happening at this very moment. Maybe we need to spend time seeing that. And things aren't the same as what we went through. Right now.

Affirmation "the best thing about the past is that it is actually over"

Thanks for sharing your fear and acknowledging it.


Do you have a affirmations re safety from physical assault?


Yes :). It is the very same one I wrote

"You are safe & you are loved & you deserve to love yourself"

In your case perhaps you need to recognize you are safe at this Very moment ( in the now) you really ARE loved and your whole soul needs you. You deserve your OWN love to keep it for yourself at this very moment give yourself permission to fully envelope yourself in pure adoring love. The kind you know how to give others that is so powerful .

Big hug. You are so much deserving of this.

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Big hugs back - thank you!


I really like what you wrote in this whole post, guitara. It is wonderful and soothed my soul, connects with that place in me that knows, yes, this is wisdom , thank you.

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All you have to do in this moment is take the next mindful breath


I love that one !!


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