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I really want to heal and get better everyday. I thought that if I started volunteering that would be really good for me. I live in the USA and we have an election coming up. So I went to my politician's website and volunteered to call people. So I can do this from home and started today and the phone numbers show up on the computer screen and then I call people. So I called twenty five phone numbers today and mostly left messages and a few people picked up. So it was fun and I think it will be something current I can put on my resume so I am proud of myself. I also think it's good for practicing detachment. Just listening to what people have to say and not getting emotionally involved but just being neutral. So I think that is good for me. What are you doing lately for yourself that is good for you?

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  • Getting off all HU sites..so upset with it all

  • I think volunteering is a great way towards getting back to working again.

    I am volunteering for this site and I really enjoy it and I think it is going to be a step towards getting used to working again.

  • Thank you for the encouragement. It feels good to have something to do where I interact with people that I don't know. It makes me sit still, lets me know that there are really nice people living in different places. That we share a common bond. That I can talk to anyone at anytime. That I am really healing and to encourage myself to get better. I am glad you are here and I learn so much from you. Thank you for encouraging me.

  • Well done! That's a good feeling and a sign of healing :-)

  • Thanks willingtoheal for sharing how you are finding joy in your life, it's so important for self esteem to feel like you are contributing and to be involved. You have inspired me today. I am still scared of people but I am going to begin writing again and maybe start submitting some short stories/poetry to competitions. Put all those painful memories to good use. Love and light :)

  • Thank you littletraveller for your encouragement. I feel very validated by you. With what I went through as a kid I felt very scared of people for a long time. When I first started having to confront people like before computers and having to call medical offices that billed me wrong I would write down what I wanted to say and then add some um like to make it sound like I wasn't reading it. I am pretty good in person talking to people but I feel really good on the phone because I can't see people and I think I feel safer but comfortable enough that I can be myself and sound friendly. I called people again today and it was so nice to talk to people, everyone was so nice and it really is helping me. All those years of people abusing me emotionally, physically in every way that they were manipulating me as if I was the bad person when they were. I was a kid I was suppose to be able to trust them and they were suppose to protect me I wasn't suppose to have to figure out how to survive every day. I wish I knew that I could've picked up the phone and called the police but I didn't know that. So glad I got away from those people. So I'm so glad you are going to submit your stories and poems that is wonderful. I'm so glad you are here. Take care. Yay for feeling good today.

  • That is so awesome, willingtoheal! I love this idea and you should be so proud of yourself!!

    You're absolutely right; it is a great exercise in detachment. I interned for a US Senator and had to field many calls from constituents and some of them could be vulgar and nasty. I really learned the detachment skill doing that!

    Good for you!!!

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