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With what happened in Nice, France. The method of what happen I become afraid of something I was never afraid of before. Today I was driving to the store and a semi-truck was in front of me about to make a left. I stopped my car waiting for it to go ahead of me. I could feel that freeze fright feeling. Then noticed he was waiting for me and then I went ahead pulled into the parking lot and possible trigger an ambulance with it's sirens going was pulling out of the parking lot. Does anyone else become afraid of something that you weren't afraid of before?

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  • Being afraid and acting on it are two different things.

    You can learn not to not act on that feeling. "Afraid" is "Am I safe here and now?" It's a question not a statement. You can look and say "I'm safe" or "I might not be safe".

    At the moment there is a lot of horror in the news. I don't watch TV news, I don't click on shared Videos. I do read news but I do skip horror stories like Nice if possible.

    Nice might as well be Mars but your mind doesn't know the difference!

    With PTSD it's mostly safe to say "I'm over-reacting". If the truck was a threat you would notice if it started to behave oddly.

    On some days I'm over-aware of possible risks. On those days I make a mental note to not react.

    Two good books are "Left of bang" and "The gift of fear". Both are about learning to fine-tune your fear skills. A truck behaving like a truck is a safe truck. A truck veering around or on the sidewalk is not a safe truck. "Left of bang" is army focussed but it's about spotting and grading 'odd'. Both books are great ways to learn the language of fear and so be less afraid more.

  • Thank you for explaining this to me. Thanks for the book recommendations.

  • For me I started feeling so many feelings that I had numbed out before I started remembering the abuse. So yes, I felt afraid of many things that I hadn't felt afraid of before.

    I have also read The Gift of Fear and recommend it highly. When I read about your incident with the truck, I wondered if that feeling of fear was your first recognition of the ambulance, which could be a danger if you did not stay put or got in its way. So I wouldn't call that a trigger really, but an instinctive reaction to something that could well be dangerous.

    I have learned to honor my "gut feelings" of fear. I am very intuitive and make my best decisions that way. Recently I wanted to try an Indian restaurant near my house. When I got out of the car there were about 8 young men, maybe15-25 years of age, loitering around the door. Suddenly I knew I should not go in there. I went back to my car and went to another restaurant. I will never know what the danger was or if there was any, just that the situation felt unsafe and I'm glad I heeded my feelings.

    Another book I'd recommend is Blink. It's about how people make "snap judgments" or sudden decisions, and what brain processes are behind that. I'm about halfway through it. Some of it is very relevant to what is in the news right now.

  • Thank you for validating that gut feeling that I get often. Thank you also for the book recommendations. Yes thank you it probably was an instinctive reaction.

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