possible trigger Father's Day

I've always disliked Father's Day. Now more than ever. Tomorrow I'm going to think of my real father and that is God. I see my real father as God because God is love. The other person my biological father. I screen my calls a lot. At least when I confronted him he was honest and I know the truth. I can't heal until I know what happened. I finally remember and get flashbacks but now I understand myself a lot better. Is Father's day hard for some of you too?

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  • Yes; it seems particularly difficult for me this year because I've been seeing a lot of sentimental commercials and talk about it on shows and radio so it's been in my face more than I ever remember in years past.

    It's hard to hear and see others enjoy real and good fathers when mine was so abusive I had to make the self preservation choice to walk away for good when I was 16. Granted, he was arrested and had a 10yr restraining order from me but I never looked back after that either. Walked away from his entire crazy, dysfunctional family which left me with virtually no one after both my mom and brother died when I was a young adult.

    These kinds of holidays (all holidays really) are difficult.

    Strength and blessings to you


  • Wow you were really brave to leave at sixteen. You are a very strong person. Wow you've had to endure a lot in your life but probably started healing young in your life. Exactly how I feel today of it being a difficult day. This is the first Father's day that I really understand what he did. It took a long time to remember. I feel so lied to. Yet when I confronted him I really heard the disturbed person that he is. It's hard to know who he is. The flashbacks are really awful. Thank you for sharing with me. Thank you for encouraging me. Endurance and peace to you today too.

  • I understand you seeing God as the One Who loves you perfectly. I do that too.

  • Thanks for helping me not feel so alone in my thoughts today.

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