Is it bad that when you give all your energy to somone who put you down and showed no emotion to you at one point and you loved them very much start to experience what you felt and you feel a sense of relief and confidence that they now feel what you had been feeling before ? I take it as karma I know this doesn't make munch sense but that's how I feel and I feel as if feeling this way is bad ?

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  • amerie,

    Love hurts less the one who loves least. I figured that one out a while back when I really hurt over a breakup, and she apparently had moved on and was feeling no grief over it. It was awful!

    I can only think it would feel good in a way when the other person experiences what you went through. I think the balance would be in not making it worse for them by needling or digging on them to make them hurt more.


  • My parents were like that all my life.

    Looking for satisfaction from revenge will only hinder your progress moving on to a happier life.

  • lady are like gold care give help me each it just nurse draw blood I pass out the night be for I worry all night

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