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at 11today as i was about to go out through my front door plied 3 persons from kent adult social services uninvited and without warning demanding i do things that 1 i dont want to 2 are dangerous i am upset that just because they are adult social services they can just turn up without warning is this right to whom should i register a complaint

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way back in 2007 an assessment was made on me after I left hospital reporting that there was nothing wrong with me. I called the social worker who'd written this and asked where he had obtained the info on me as we had not met. I then went onto advise him that I was reporting him to the social work council as it then was for mal practice, yes complain to social services but also report him / her to the regulatory body


thank you i am meeting my mp tomorrow and ask him my fear is if one goes to war against ss they will make your life a libving hell with all the other crap going on i really could do without the stress


I wholly empathise with you after my many years' experience of their ethos of power, control and oppression in operation and that is on top of the alarm and distress you are caused.

You couldn't make it up and unless there are independant witnesses who speak up openly-an rare exception rather than the norm, you are accused of imagining things. Blinkin idiots, to put it politely.


Aww noits hard enough for us to manage day by day . without extra from them. i think i wld report them .otherwise thyl think thy can do things like that all the time.hope u cn gt it srtd soon. i cant wrt no more a min as im very angry with them n need to calm down . take care.


exactly my conclusion and as of 3am this morning a murphy missive sent to drector adult social services kent county council


Nothing dignified nor helpful to a 'vunerable' person than to be invaded by officials when you had no notification etc. They could have been impersonating a social worker and you would nt have known. They are supposed to contact you first by phone and followed by letter to confirm then a visit, well mine did.

Good luck to you.


Shout from the hill tops,

Don't let them get away with anything


there is very little i can do i have written to the director of adult services to complain but as my dad told me today son you have achieved to much in life before and since your injury to allow these people to upset you i will ignore then refuse to meet them unless i receive a written apology what can they do


Don't give them any chance to get evidence against you. They need to learn from you to get that.


Your Dad sounds like a very wise man! I read something in a friends blog the other day that was about a very similar topic, she said; part of the problem is those in charge see themsleves in a position or power rather than a position of responsibility. A thought to share with them perhaps?

Be resolute and don't let other people ride rough shod over you. You have earned your right to be respected, demand it!


you are so right for the first time in 40 years i am totally reliant on others these people treat one like a 5 year old when you disagree the patronizing response is we are only trying to help you in my language trying to bully someone into doing something that will result in a fall in not helping


Hello all, I've been complaining early and often for many years and have found the following to be effective.

1. Obtain and follow the complaint procedure.

2. Keep letters factual and states the impact the event / mistake / rudeness has had.

3 If the authority you are complaining about has breached their own policies / procedures / rules put this in the complaint

4. Be clear about what you want done to resolve the complaint e.g. an apology, compensation, certain action taken to put things right.

5. Give a reasonable deadline by which you expect a response and if it is not met then move to the next stage of the process

6. Public bodies can often be reported to the relevant Ombudsman or regulatory body as a previous poster stated, but usually you need to go through the complaints procedure first.

This approach does take a bit of time and effort, but I have used it with local councils, benefits departments, housing bodies, retailers, hospitals....


thank you all as my dad said at weekend son you negiotiated with russians in russia with a translator use that to get what you want i did and am getting there bit like swimming in treacle at moment by a week will tell may even be employed by then fingers crissed for a phone call at 4.30 today


I used to be a chairman of an independent social services complaints board. If you want to PM maybe I can help


You did the right thing going straight for a formal complaint.

It's the only way with most of the authorities to get them to do the job right or to do the job at all.

We all get sick of these very highly paid people not doing their jobs right and generally messing our lives up.

Keep on banging the complaints in too!

You have to fight every step of the way.

I have no time or respect for social workers.

I asked my adult social care person last week, where is the care element in what you are doing? Went down well.

My advice is run them ragged until they start treating you with respect.

I'm angry with those wasters now.

I even had to take a Tribunal Judge down who lied about my partner and I in my partners DLA Tribunal. But that's another story.

Give them hell in a professional manner.

But be professional.


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