Things to consider on Headway's HealthUnlocked community

In order to make our HealthUnlocked community an inclusive, welcoming and friendly place for all our users, we've drafted a few guidelines that we ask our members to consider.


Content on the Headway HealthUnlocked community does not replace the relationship between you and your doctors or other healthcare professionals, or the advice you receive from them. It also does not replace Headway's free helpline service, which offers an opportunity to discuss your concerns in confidence with our trained staff.

The comments and information placed in this community are purely the views of the members and are not those of Headway – the brain injury association.

The mention in the community of any products, alternative/complimentary therapies or treatments does not constitute a professional recommendations from Headway – the brain injury association.

Community guidelines:

- Join in! To help keep the community active, we encourage users to post blogs and questions, and comment on other peoples’ posts. However, it’s also fine if you’d rather just read other posts on the site.

- Respect other community members. In other words, be nice! It’s OK to have a debate and share opinions on our community, but make sure you’re always polite and don’t insult, intimidate or harass people.

- Be aware – Headway’s community is a public forum! You are responsible for what you post on our site. You must not post anything illegal or offensive.

- Stay safe. We want you to feel safe when talking about your experiences of brain injury on our community. To ensure this, please don’t give out your personal details such as address and phone number. Don’t talk about your daily movements, such as where you’ll be at a specific time and date. Be careful when discussing details of family and friends – they may not want their personal stories online. Immediately report and do not respond to any posts or private messages that ask for personal details or money.

- Don’t name and shame. While it’s OK to talk about experiences you’ve had, be they good or bad, we ask that members don’t dedicate posts to naming and shaming services or individuals.

- Don’t advertise products and services. It’s fine to discuss your experiences of particular products and services, but the Headway community is for personal use and must not be used for commercial purposes to advertise products and services.

- Don't post links to research studies/surveys. Headway receives a high volume of requests to post details of brain injury research. Please contact us first to discuss how we can help.

- Report abuse. Use the Report link next to any posts you think are inappropriate and one of the moderators from HealthUnlocked or Headway will review it and, if necessary, remove it.

- Respect copyright. You are welcome to upload images to our blogs, but make sure you have the permission of the original creator and/or the people who appear in the image before doing so. If you copy text from another source, make sure you say where you got it from.

Further guidance

We suggest that you read through the terms of use and community guidelines on the HealthUnlocked website.

For more information on staying safe online go to:

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  • I think this is a fantastic site and am so in for it. xxx

  • Thanks Lisa! And a big thank you for starting things off for us - we hope this will grow to become a really good community.

  • I do hope so, ive sent the email & link out to everyone in my email contacts who I feel will benifit from here xxx


  • This is a fantastic site, did you remove one of my replies recently, if so why did you not tell me and tell me why.

    Thanks Janet

  • Hi Janet,

    Thanks for getting in touch - as far as I'm aware we haven't removed any of your posts, do you know which thread it was on and what it was referring to?

    We do contact members on the rare occasions we remove or edit posts, so I think you should have heard from us if this was the case.



  • Hi Andrew, perhaps I just didn't send the reply, it has been known! It was a reply to surface-fan about carers, I added my support because I know how hard it is to care for a loved one when they are no longer the person you knew, I know the difficulties my husband and I face at times but it seemed such a selfish post.

    I added that I'd rather be a carer than actually have a BI, a bit peevish I know and once I'd sent it I thought it was a bit unnecessary but sometimes I feel the other side of the coin needs to be said.

    Anyhow, not needed any more, thanks for the reply.


  • Ah OK, in that case it definitely wasn't removed by us - I've been doing the moderation for the last couple of days and haven't removed anything. We try to stay fairly 'hands off' with it to make sure people get chance to post a range of different views and opinions.

    If things aren't posting properly it might be worth reporting it to HealthUnlocked via the 'Help' link at the top of the page. Sometimes there are technical issues that need to be addresses so it's always worth doing. Sorry if that's been the problem, it's frustrating after writing a detailed reply.

    I'm sure your support and feedback would be much appreciated if you do get chance to try your post again.

    Best wishes,


  • I would also add to your terms about divulging personal sensitive information. Posters must acknowledge that by posting on this forum what can be sensitive medical histories it is by their own decision and it is not a requirement of the forum or Headway to do that.

  • New to the site today. Recently come out of hospital with aTBI and very scared. Hoping to talk to others who have been on a similar journey 😀

  • i really enjoy my time on here a site full of dare i say it,like minded people..

    long may it continue


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