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Brain Injury Back Problem


Ive had a brain injury for about 10 months and I cant help the urge to go back to work but its difficult because I cant stand or sit for too long and I cant carry anything so Im stressed out because my unemployment will be at $0 and Idk what I can do for work .. I cant remember things and I need breaks in between things.. & I feel bad watching everyone be able to lift things while I cant. I used to love weight training but now I can only lift 10 pounds and struggling.... Its so hard to adapt to my new brain and my life 😭

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Hi, are you in the States? (US)

Yes I am

Not really sure how your social security system works. If you injured your back at work and have the medical evidence to prove it your employer's insurance should cover all your costs, both medical and sick pay. I'm a member of a group on facebook called 'the ghost in my brain' it mostly TBI in the states and Canada and some from europe too. They may be able to help with social security and insurance issues. Relating to your symptoms what kind of medical assessments have you had?

Well my back problem It was from my car accident. & Ive had a MRI and CT scan and x rays all over my body. The pain doctor they sent me to couldnt give me disability.. & they sent me to a neurologist but he didnt do anything just prescribe me medicine & I had the disability from him for like 12 weeks or less then it was over he said he couldnt give me more... I had physical therapy too but I stopped going because I wssnt going to have any money due to the disability and unemployment. So im lost...

From what I've gathered from US contacts it's pretty grim getting medical treatment unless you are loaded or have good insurance. Your back problem is an issue but your brain problem is more concerning. I was talking similar issues with someone in Canada and the option seemed to be, (he had a good lawyer) getting another medical diagnosis because you still have brain and other problems. Remember IME's, independent medical experts, are there to minimise your condition for insurance purposes, it's quite similar here for personal injury claims but at least we get 'free' health care (paid for by taxes). In the states you are buggered if the insurance decision is bad. However if you can medically prove you have still got problems from the accident then a new insurance claim can be made. Try and get a neuro-psychology assessment, only 17% of brain injuries at best can be identified by scans. Concussions produce multiple micro areas of damage and can only be identified using fMRi scans not MRi scans. A neuropsychologist though can test you for cognitive issues that affect brain function. If it shows issues then it is as good as a scan, it's actually more accurate because it identifies the functions that are damaged. Be wary because if you have had any mental health issues these will also be taken into account because the symptoms are similar. A good neuropsychologist should be able to separate out the mental health issues because they form repetitive behaviour patterns. Basically the same response is triggered every time by a mental health issue. If these are different from your brain related symptoms then there is a clear barrier. This is how the military separate out PTSD from TBI. That reminds me if you have served in the US military you could ask the VA for help. Hope that helps.

Thank you. Yes its difficult to get treatment the hospital they took me after my accident literally told me to take advil for pain. Thank you for helping again🙏🏼

Under the environment where u live and work I guess the best advice is to give it time so u can adapt and have less anxiety. If u need help with anxiety that may be the place to start

Yes you are right my anxiety is still bad at times. Sometimes my hands shake when I am dehydrated or my head hurts when I try to do more than I can. & I can only stand and sit for so long...

Do u have access to headway in the us?

What is headway?

Yes I have access to it Its available online why

I know exactly what you mean, I’m officially retired after my accident and injury but I’d really like to be able to do a little something. I get up early and lay the breakfast table because I have to stretch to get the plates and stuff but I’d like to be able to do more things like chop wood for the fire. I get some done but I really struggle to try and lift the wood basket 🧺

Every day I try more. It’s frustrating but I’ll keep trying. What gives me an ache is forgetting the music I used to sing along to on the radio

Let’s just keep trying

Yes it is a struggle.. I tried working out with 10pounds and my body felt horrible . It felt like It was getting sick.. so we really have to start from 0. My head was hurting like crazy too . My family made me carry gallons of water because some of them had a accident too and they finally understood that I could not be carrying things after they seen me in bed with my body and brain exhausted. I am still hating how I get nervous sometimes infront of people because sometimes guys think I like them “im like omg if my body starts getting nervous again”😱😂 Its only been like 10 months since my accident but it feels like forever. Im trying to adapt quickly..

That makes me mad too and it leaves me feeling like a burden for the family

I think what can help is accepting our new body and brain and see it as a new begining and not try to over do things. Sometimes I feel like that too but you matter and you shouldnt feel that way. Its easier said than done but we will all get through things. Stay positive. I was listening to a podcast yesterday about brain injuries and they said if you are negative it makes your whole body stress and your brain & its best to stay positive so your brain and body can help you.

I feel your pain Bella:( I'm year 7 into my TBI and back/neck injuries. I've had to accept disability benefits, help from friends and family, I can't stand in one spot for more than 5 minutes and can't sit in most chairs. I've found new ways of working for shorter periods, freelance, I lay down on my side at the computer.

Osteopath and swimming and pilates help and lots of rest breaks. And it takes time to heal. Be extra gentle and patient and kind with yourself and your injuries. Take time to heal and let your loved ones help as it makes them feel useful:) Baby steps! Start with the 2 pound weights and little things.

Aww thank you. It feels good to know I am not alone🥺❤️

You are absolutely not alone! Sending you virtual healing hugs!

Definitely not alone, I like to think that it’s not just me and I can read more stories here and I’ve got tons of respect for you all

Ive been feeling kind of depressed like Ill just start crying if I get stressed or anxiety. This didnt happen before my accident.. & I get aggressive easily. Do you have any tips to cope with this?🥺

I’m a bit weird and I think if everyone else has different ideas to me it doesn’t make them right. It really is weird about crying because now when I see a sad film I start to get tears in my eyes that never happened to me before. I’m sure though you’re sad and your emotions are just under your skin and ready to show. You’re not alone, we are all here and if you want to tell me how crazy the world is I’ll listen. We may be miles apart but connected here electronically. I hope you’ll be happy and healthy soon

Thank you well I think I got overwhelmed because my brain cant handle thinking about so many things and I was trying to think of relations hips and work at the same time so my brain rejected the thoughts of dating and threw them away and it made me cry because my brain literally cannot handle much and before id b able to memorize and daydream.. like I try to b positive but some part of my brain wants to remain negative

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