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Hoping to walk 3 Yorkshire peaks.

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Some people may remember I’ve been wanting to walk 3 Yorkshire peaks for a while now. Look back through my earlier posts for full story but to cut it short. The man who set up the BI group I attend has said he doesn’t believe I’d manage them and last year we did a 10 mile hill walk a group of us and I was the one who struggled most with my balance and at one point very early I felt dizzy so had to sit down. Luckily the man knew I likely needed something to eat so I was ok within minutes but it was still long enough to put him off doing any more longer walks.

Now it’s clear the staff will not be planning anything like that again as there is new staff and they only want to do outing that most people would like and to be fair only half or less would want to do these walks.

So I’m not one to go off an idea easily so I’ve come up with another plan. Earlier this year one of the service users joined the man who set group up on a cycling challenge in Ibiza so I had the idea I could join him next time he walks the Yorkshire peaks. Of course I need to do a lot of training to be ready for it. I spoke to him about it this week and he said he would walk them with me if he thought I’d manage them. Though he did admit he doesn’t think I will do enough training so he may have said it to shut me up but I’m hoping by next April I will be able to join him when he walks them.

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Hi Keeley, ask him if he can take you on a walk once a month, that way, you can build it up.

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Hi unfortunately that’s not going to happen after I struggled on the 10 mile hill walk last year.

So current plan is me doing some training up hills and work it up. A woman at the group has had a word with me and said to manage the 3 Yorkshire peaks there’s a lot of smaller steps I need to achieve first to work towards the 3 peaks. So I’m having regular walks in area near me with hills and steps and aiming to get faster time and find it easier.

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That sounds like a good plan. I have just done the 3 peaks this past Sunday and it was a struggle to the end. I haven't hiked for 2 years, but before when I regularly walked, it wasn't as bad but still hard work, but the fact that you did the 10 miles, even though it was a struggle, is amazing 😊 keep slowly building it up.

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Yea will do been reading about tips on preparing for them and read everyone finds it tough and wishes they had trained more so best get training. Honestly right now I think I would manage out of determination but probably wouldn’t enjoy it much and just want it over to say I’d completed them. So doing training is only going to make it a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Well I’ve been told about another place to practice towards the Yorkshire 3 peaks somewhere with a lot of steps so going to try it out soon. Got somewhere to stop if I get as far as doing 3 peaks with the man who set the BI charity up as I live an hour from them then it’s about 2 hours to the peaks so very early start which could effect me as I’m not used to being up so early. A friend from the group has kindly said I can stay at hers so will be easier to get to centre or they may even pick me up from her house.

First step in training done. Well I’ve managed 3 mile round local area in 1 hour. It’s danes dyke if anyone knows it. It’s got a mix of hills, steps and uneven ground. One lot of steps are tough and get harder more you go up them so been training on them. Got a meeting with the woman who is now discussing this with me to see what more I need to do as I’m not sure what I can do to show I am ready to try the Yorkshire 3 peaks hopefully next year.

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