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New to the group and need advice.


my husband slipped over and resulted in brain injury. On 1/1/18 His speech is very confused and doesn't make sense. He is currently I rehab but his funding has run out. So it's now down to the social. Who are saying he need a to come home asap. Originally I was told I would need to be checked on my mental health to see if he can come home.....this doesn't seem to matter now. I'm looking for advice from any one who's other half has a speech problem. Are you the full time carer. Or are you at work. How do you communicate. I'm scared that if he comes home I'm going to live in silence. I love my husband but I just don't know what to do. Xx thanks

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Hi Itshjw,

I was out/cuckooland as I call it for nearly a year as I had hydrocephalus and when I was in hospital I thought I was in a café and would say to my Daughter, "My treat" I didn't know I was in hospital ..Physio's gave up on me grrr and said to my hubby put her in a home but he never and bought me home. I had a shunt put in and that woke me up !! I sang to the nurse and took me about a few months to realize what had happened to me. When sitting I'd fall sideways and laugh. Sing to us as we are in there and laugh with us and make sure hubby has plenty of water. Good luck to you both and if need advice further try Behind the grey it is a site for people and carers to talk out there problems about SAH or head traumas. Good luck xxxx Oh I called the Physio's witches ha ha xxx Well a balloon to hit was my therapy


After a year you are quite a way down your joint journey. You may have found on time that you have been on this by yourself. However, you have found a good place where you can get help and on times, vent which is quite important and well as occasionally feeling sorry for yourself as there is a huge burden that you are carrying.


The speech and confusion will improve over time, it may be a few years. The key thing is to get his head to start the "repair" process. Traditionally this is via simple activities like doing jigsaws and simple tasks around the home. I don't know how capable or more importantly interested your husband is doing these but it is matter of finding something to occupy and stimulate him.

Like many, I had speech problems but had to heal enough generally to work on the way I talked.

All the best

You are not obliged to do anything.

If you feel you need support with this call Headway or citizens advice to see how you can move forward.

Do not let anyone tell you that you have to be the carer.

Hello Itshjw and welcome. I'm not a carer (one of the walking wounded) but can I suggest you contact the Headway helpline for advice and support. The number is 0808 800 2244 (office hours - free calls) and they're there to help people with all brain injury related issues including carers. All best wishes, Cat x

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your husband can talk but unfortunately it doesnt make sense.....except when he want to swear at you the sentences come out fine then.......

he is a very stubborn man and im worried if im his carer he wont do what i getting him to do activities etc......

hes coming for a sleep over tomorrow so hopefully it will go well.

im so pleased i found this group x x

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